3 Amazing Things to Do in Long Beach, Ca That Will Blow Your Mind

Popularly known by locals as “LBC,” Long Beach is a city that hosts about five hundred thousand people. Better known for its amazing waterfronts, this is a place you cannot shun away from, especially if you are a person who loves fun at its best.

If you have packed your bags and you do not know where to head on your next vacation, then don’t spend a lot of your time on the internet looking for the best destination that will make your year a memorable one. Below are some of the things you can do in Long Beach, CA – which makes the main reason why you should visit this fantastic place at least once in your lifetime;

Board the Queen Mary

If you think that Queen Mary is the name of a person from a loyal family, you are damn wrong. This is a luxury ship that is neatly docked in Long Beach, and residents here believe that it is haunted by ghosts.

In case you want to do something that will take fun to a whole new level, then taking a tour in this ocean liner will help you achieve that and much more. Additionally, if you have some guts left, and you love to test your adrenaline occasionally, then take a night-time tour on this haunted ship! Doubtlessly, this experience will give you a reason to come back.

Engage in an array of beach activities

Long Beach is home to many world’s best beaches. Apart from the usual activities you engage in when you go to other beaches around the world, the ones in this location offer unique fun activities such as kiteboarding, biking, and skating.

If you are a surfer, then the beaches here might not work for you because they are sheltered by a breakwater, meaning there are no massive tides. But wait…as a family person, this is the best place to bring your loved ones and teach young children how to swim, thanks to the calm waters.


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Finally…have a breath-taking view of the Pacific Ocean from the Bluff Park

If you want to have an astounding glimpse of the Pacific Ocean without getting your feet dirty in the sand, then Bluff Park is the place to be.

In case you have been searching for a romantic place where you can propose to your significant other or rejuvenate your love after a season of quarrels and fights, the paved sidewalks in this place makes it perfect for all your needs.

Well, still not convinced that Long Beach, CA is the best place to be on your next vacation? The above things to do are just a tip of the ice bag. Pack up your bags and head to this location; you will never regret your decision!

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