4 Concrete Makeover Home Ideas To Boost The Price Of Your Real Estate

Most people sell their houses because they want to move to a new house, and some people are in the house flipping business and that is how they earn a living. The thing that is common with both these groups of people is the fact that they are interested in earning a profit. In fact, any person that is in the market to sell a house, for whatever reason, would agree that earning a profit on their property sale is quite an attractive proposition.

Though, some people find it incredibly hard to get a profitable valuation for their house. There are several reasons why selling houses doesn’t turn into a profitable career for people, but one of the most basic things you can do is to improve the house and then sell it for a higher margin. Generally, even a small investment that is put in the direction of improving the visual appeal of the house, will generate exponential returns. If this modification also improves the functionality of the house, you can expect to earn an even higher return.

If you are looking for ways in which you can’t go wrong in improving the valuation you get for your property, here are four things you can do.

1.  Kitchen

The quality and condition of a kitchen in a house continue to play a central role in the valuation of the property in homes across the world. It’s one of the most used spaces in the house, and it’s an area that can be difficult and expensive to redo. Homeowners can be easily driven away from properties that have a kitchen in bad condition, or a kitchen that isn’t according to their tastes. If you want to beef up the price on a property that isn’t doing well in any department, your best bet is the kitchen. Make it spacious, use stainless steel, do a clean job, and you’ll earn a profit.

2.  Energy

Another big concern with home buyers is energy. How easily energy is available in the house, how well the home is designed to efficiently manage energy, and how much energy it will take to operate services on the property. Countries all over the world are facing energy problems and if your property can fuel itself that is a big plus. It would be a good idea to hire the services of a property management company if you are considering doing something like a solar panel system installation or a roof renovation to make the structure more insulated. These jobs aren’t DIY projects, and you would be much better off getting someone who can provide a warranty for the work to do it. Plus, the warranty and job quality certificate are going to contribute to the value of the house.

3.  Extra Space

Your property might have an extra shed, an extra garage, an attic, or a basement, but if it isn’t in usable condition it isn’t going to provide any value. With property prices going through the roof, buyers are looking to get as much square footage as they can in the house that they buy. If your house doesn’t have one of the space-adding features, it would be really profitable to have one built. Just like energy solutions, this job isn’t going to be cheap, but the amount of value it’s going to provide is going to be well worth the money. In fact, even if you could redesign the interior to make more room, or maybe extend a couple of rooms out, so the total covered area increases, it will help you get more usable space on the existing plot size. Especially with new buyers preferring homes that have wide-open spaces, knocking down a room or two might help you get a better price.

4.  Green Area

Even apartment buildings are trying to create gardens on their roofs and develop artificial green areas on the extra pavement in and around the building. If you have a home with a garden, even if it’s a small backyard, invest in it, and it will pay you back. You don’t need to plant anything fancy, just make sure it is in presentable condition and highlight this feature when you are selling your property. This is a very valuable asset that could be your property’s unique selling point.


If your property can have one, or all of these features, you could earn a very handsome profit. Though, while getting your property to have things that clients want is one thing, finding clients that are looking for features that your property has is the other part of the equation. If you can combine smart property development with intelligent real estate sales strategies, you are on your way to making a good living.

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