5 Annual Events in Long Beach, CA

If you have planned to visit city of Long Beach at some point this year, then you have made the right choice. From having some of the most generous people in the world to breath-taking beaches and leisure parks, this is a destination that will doubtlessly give you a memorable experience. 

However, you do not need to visit a place and see normal things all the time. You need to get out of the ordinary and see things that will surpass your expectations. When you visit Long Beach, below are some of the annual events that will spice up your stay at the city.

The Toyota Grand Prix

The event is all about cars. Well, not just cars, but it is popularly known as the largest street racing in the United States. If you love speed, then stop watching it in movies or your computer game and experience it fast hand in this event that attracts a crowd of more than 170, 000 people every year.

If you want to be one of the people who will see cars travel in speed you have never imagined, make sure you visit the city in before April and book an accommodation spot before every hotel is booked.

The Long Beach Pride Festival and Parade

Being one of the largest events in the city, and one of the most celebrated pride events in the city, you can stay lest assured that it would blow off your mind. It attracts over 80, 000 participants drawn from different parts of the US, and features a neat parade of over 250 marching groups consisting of government agencies,  non-governmental organizations, religious groups, social organizations, and other players. The event takes place in May.

The Annual Long Beach Sea Festival

This event takes place during the summer season. It hosts different activities such as the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Great Sand Sculpture Event, kids sailing competition, and much more.

The Catalina Ski Race

This event features over 100 boats that race between the Long Beach and the Catalina Island. The event attracts lots of people, considering it is dubbed the greatest ski race in the world. It takes place in July.


The Annual Long Jazz Festival

This event takes place in August. Here, you will get to see top jazz artists, and take pleasure in various cultural activities. Also, there is plenty of art displays, and if you love eating, then you will find your favorite meal at the Annual Long Jazz Festival.

The JetBlue Long Beach Marathon

This is a marathon that has a course along the Long Beach Waterfront and a strictly beachfront half marathon. During this event, you may decide to take part in the half marathon, marathon, wheelchair marathon, 5K run, or a bike tour.


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