6 Commercial Building Design Ideas You Can Steal


When it comes to making the first impression, the exterior of any commercial building is also held accountable for the same. Gone are the days when only how the buildings looked from the inside mattered. Times have changed and so have people’s ideas of what they would like to see. More business owners and building owners are now focusing on creating an eye-catching and dynamic design that gets the attention of every passerby. Below are 6 ideas that are popularly used by top commercial building designers that you can steal from.


While the traditional way to catch more attention was to use bold colors, modern designs use the same pricing but with a difference. Instead of using it as a highlight for the name of the company or in one single spot, red is used for more architectural panels. A contrast of the color is laid out to get more attention to the full view of the building rather than one focal point.


A blend of different materials is the new way to go. For example, a blend of material like natural stone used side by side with architectural panels brings more depth to the design. The materials contrast each other with their different texture and color but together they form a smooth view.


The old way to bring more personality and character to the building was to add a lot of decorative items to it. However, the structural engineer of today focuses on making the design more smooth and sleek. This gives it a powerful appearance with very little decoration. With contrasting colors, the exterior looks interesting but the sleek design creates a modern facade for the building.

Rustic Design

While some commercial buildings prefer to look contemporary, and powerful, others prefer to look approachable. They prefer to blend with the surroundings and provide a more welcoming effect. This is when the engineers’ design on giving it a more rustic look by using a lot of wood and other warm materials.


Another beautiful idea that you can steal for your commercial building is to blend together the contrast of rustic and contemporary designs. Together when put in harmony, they can complement each other’s style wonderfully. Contrasting with lines, angles, materials, dimensions, and so on can create a very eye-catching structure. It gives the facade a more interesting appearance and often offers the viewer to hold their gaze as they look at it. The various shapes and forms together give it a dynamic appearance that can hold the attention of people for a longer period.



Giving your building a classic yet fresh design is what is sought after. The idea is you use the reminiscent of the classic design for the building and add fresh and contemporary twists to it. This means avoiding gaudy and large structures that look so different from the classic ones that one cannot figure out what it even stands for.

As a commercial building owner, you need to try to make a blend of design that allows your building to be unique and at the same time fits the needs of your business.

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