8 Garage Updates That Are Totally Worth It

A garage is a special place for many of us, whether it’s where you store your cars, bikes, or hobbies. The problem with garages is that they are often not very well-organized and cluttered. This can lead to wasted time looking for things in the wrong spot or even worse – forgetting about something important altogether! In this blog post, we’ll go over 8 updates that will make your garage more organized and efficient.

Consider a New Garage Door

If you are not satisfied with your current garage door, then it might be time for a new one. Garage doors age over time and can get worn out if they are constantly used or abused. A new garage door may look nice on the outside but also function well on the inside to make sure that you have only the best working equipment in there at all times. Consider what size of the door is needed depending on how much space you have available to fit whatever kind of car(s) that you own. If necessary, consider having an automatic opener installed so that opening up your gate becomes easier than ever before while still being very safe at all times by making use of technology advances today compared to when people first started using them back in earlier days. You can also look for garage door panel replacement services online if you need to get your garage door panels replaced with new ones. Replacing worn-out or damaged garage door panels is one of the first things that people usually think of doing whenever they are looking to improve their overall experience in using what should be very reliable equipment behind their own home’s perimeter walls.

Dedicate a Workbench for Your Hobbies

A dedicated workbench is a great way to ensure that you have your tools and projects organized. This will save time when it comes to doing tasks, as well as ensuring that everything has its place. If you do not like the idea of having a permanent table in your garage or shop space then try using sawhorses and some wood planks for an easy solution. Just be sure that whatever surface you use can handle heavy items being put on top of it, such as bar clamps, drill presses, screws, etc. This way, you’ll have a specific location for your DIY projects, allowing you to complete them more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Consider Adding Shelving

Adding shelves is a great way to ensure that your garage or shop space does not become cluttered with items. It also allows you to use vertical storage, which is much more efficient than horizontal storage. Shelves can be added anywhere in the room and depending on where they are placed it will provide an easy way for you to find what you need quickly. If you do not want to spend money on new shelves then consider using crates, boxes, or something similar. You can even use old pallets and attach them if space is a little tight and your budget is limited.

Securely Store What You Use Most

When it comes to storage, you do not always need an expensive solution. There are many items that we use regularly and the rest just sit around creating clutter in our garages or shop space.

The first thing you should look at is tools: how many of them do you use? If they all get used equally then consider having two toolboxes – one for frequently used tools and another box with those less commonly used ones. Then find out what other items you regularly use and purchase something suitable for storing your most-used items so they can be easily found when needed.  If there are specific areas where certain things gather such as paint thinner near painting equipment etc., try using containers (preferably lockable) to hold these items.

Add A Laundry Station

This is a great idea if you have to walk through your garage or workshop space every morning. All you need are some strong clothes hangers, hooks for hanging up coats and aprons (a few cupboards could already be fitted with these), as well as an ironing board that can easily fold away when not in use. Ensure the items are placed within easy reach of where people will enter the room; this should make things easier for everyone who uses it daily. If there isn’t enough room inside then purchase something like The Laundry Pod which folds down into practically nothing but provides storage outside plus everything else needed during laundry day activities! These pods come in various sizes so ensure that one suitable for your needs is selected.

Organize Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has one of these, no matter how neat they are. The biggest problem is that when you need something it can be almost impossible to find it. This will waste time and even cause accidents if people reach for the wrong tool or utensil while cooking etc. There are so many simple solutions to organizing your junk drawer without having to spend a penny. Try using pencil holders, old candle jars with lids (for screws), plastic cups/bottles which have been turned upside down on top of each other, etc., anything goes really! You could also use some pretty boxes from craft stores which would easily stack inside the drawer but look nice too! If all else fails then just get rid of everything until only what’s needed remains.

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Every home and garage should have some safe storage for items that you do not want to keep in your house. Ensure that the location is easily accessible but also hidden from plain view. It would be a good idea to place it behind something or inside another item which will make sure nobody knows it’s there unless they are looking for it specifically (i.e., burglars). You can purchase wall safes relatively cheaply online or even at hardware stores if you prefer them over floor models. Just make sure you get one big enough to fit everything in! If needed use out-of-sight cupboards to hide away larger items such as old TVs etc. Don’t forget to label anything so everyone knows what’s inside.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use

This is an obvious one but something that’s so easily forgotten about. If you haven’t used it in more than a year then there’s no real reason to keep storing it somewhere hidden away, whether your garage or workshop area etc. Try putting stuff into storage elsewhere (such as the attic), sell them online, or even give them away! You could hold yard sales each weekend and get rid of all manner of items which will help make space for other things too, such as new tools if needed. This will also help you realize what’s worth holding onto and which items are just being used for storage purposes.

A garage is a special place for many of us, whether it’s where you store your cars, bikes, or hobbies. The problem with garages is that they are often not very well-organized and cluttered. This can lead to wasted time looking for things in the wrong spot or even worse – forgetting about something important altogether!


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