8 Cost-Worthy Improvement Ideas To Maximize Garage Space

The garage is often the underutilized part of the house. People mostly use it as a means to store their cars and a few tools safely. Since the space inside garages is very limited, people choose to just leave the garage as is. What they don’t know is that there are a lot of ways to maximize garage space.

Your garage is a treasure trove for home improvement ideas. Sure, getting a few improvements and changes here and it isn’t exactly free. However, if the improvements you get are amazing and truly stylish, then each penny you spend will be worth it. Here are a few good ideas on how you can maximize your garage space.

Do General Cleaning First

If you want to maximize the space inside your garage, then the first thing you should do is to clean out the space first. Take out everything that you don’t need. As for the things you do need, store them inside boxes and label them too. The purpose of this is to make reorganizing the garage easier.

What’s great about cleaning your garage is that it’s free! You don’t have to spend a cent to declutter. What you get in return is a garage that’s a lot easier to improve and generate ideas out of. It will also help you get a better idea of exactly how big your garage is in the first place.

Install A Tool Rack

This is the most basic way you can get the most out of your garage. A tool rack is essentially a wall where you can hang your tools in. Aside from helping you organize your regular tools and power tools a lot easier, a tool rack also helps protect your tools from problems often created when they aren’t stored properly.

Aside from being efficient, tool racks are also a stylish way to organize your tools at home. Moreover, if kids often get into your tools and dangerously play with them, using a tool rack is an efficient method to prevent safety and injury problems inside the house.

Add Cabinets

Cabinets are a great way to organize your garage and reduce the clutter which can eventually cause problems for you and your car. If the space in your garage is very limited, you can install top cabinets instead of ones that reach from top to bottom. In fact, a lot of homeowners actually prefer this.

Top cabinets are compact cabinets that can store a lot of things including tools, shoes, and other things that you just let lie along the floor of your garage. These types of cabinets can effectively add a lot more storage room for your garage which is often one of the problems that homeowners face.

Maximize Space By Using The Ceiling

Garages usually have a lot of headroom. It’s a big mistake to not use that extra space for good. An excellent way to maximize this verticality is by investing in overhead storage compartments. This is an excellent way to store tools, car parts, and many other things.

Overhead storage compartments are installed on the ceiling and are usually out of reach of children. You can look for a garage storage specialist in Las Vegas to help set you up with an overhead rig of your own. It’s the perfect way to use your garage fully if you also store tools and other goods in it.

Create A Station For Car Maintenance

If you’re a car person, you’re definitely going to love this idea. Instead of placing your car maintenance things around the house, create a cabinet or a shelf inside your garage where you can easily access them. These include tools you use for fixing problems as well as the cleaning tools you use when your car gets too dirty.

This will make car maintenance feel like a breeze because all of the stuff you need is already in one place.

Add A Spot For Grab-And-Go Goods

What are grab-and-go goods? Basically, these are items that you’ll need when you go outside either for grocery shopping or just when you’re going out on a stroll. These include your keys, umbrella, and even paper bags or eco bags for when you have to go shopping.

You should nail in a few baskets at the wall of your garage where you can store your grab-and-go goods. This way, you can never forget to bring your umbrella or your paper bags when you’re going out. It’s much better to store these items in one place rather than having them scattered around the house.

Corner Shelves For More Storage

Corners are not always fully utilized inside the house. If you want to make the most of your garage’s corners, consider installed corner shelves. Shelves like these will allow you to organize items properly without having to take up too much space inside the garage.

 Shelves can be used for holding various items including your tools and car needs. You can even DIY shelves with triangular plates of wood in the corner of your garage.

Get A Workbench

If you’re the type of person that loves doing crafts and handiwork, then you can make a workbench inside your garage given that there’s enough space for it. A workbench is a spot in the house where you can work on your craft or even fix things. Every person that loves tinkering with stuff needs a workbench.

A workbench doesn’t need to be large. Just make sure that you organize your tools well and there’s enough space to actually work on them. Workbenches should be placed at the far end of the garage so that it doesn’t get in the way of the car as it is moving in

Don’t waste the potential that your garage has. With enough investments and a clear mind for great ideas, you’ll be able to maximize the space that your garage offers. There are a lot of other ways you can improve your garage but these 8 ideas are the best we can think of. Get creative and use your garage well!

For an added touch, consider a new look for your garage with an epoxy flooring finish.

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