About Cotton Bowl Stadium, South Dallas, TX

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The Cotton Bowl Dallas is a stadium that once hosted the annual college football game between two of Texas’ most well-known universities: U.T. and A&M (now known as University of Texas at Arlington). The stadium in South Dallas has been home to both professional and amateur sports teams throughout its history, including the Dallas Cowboys for one season in 1952. It no longer hosts sporting events but it does host concerts, soccer games, and other special events such as flea markets and car shows.


This Stadium was built in 1930 and has hosted football games ever since. It was once known as Fair Park Stadium until 1932 when it officially became the Cotton Bowl after being named so by Texas State Fair organizers who wanted to bring attention to their annual event, which is where they got the inspiration for the naming of this stadium.

Football teams from nearby universities such as U.T., Baylor, Rice and Texas Christian would play here in what was called the “Cotton Bowl Classic” from 1937-2009. The Cotton Bowl Stadium Dallas hosted several playoff games, including Super Bowls and is still home to college football’s annual Cotton bowl game which takes place every December between teams such as U.S.C., Ohio State University, Alabama etc…

Though this stadium has been renovated many times throughout its history it remains a popular tourist attraction for people visiting South Dallas who are interested in seeing where some of America’s favorite sporting events took place before NFL stadiums were built with luxury boxes that could accommodate thousands of fans at once.

People today can visit the historic site any day of the week during normal business hours or attend events that are hosted here, such as tours of the stadium and guided walks through the museum which is located inside.

Cotton Bowl Stadium Dallas has also been used for many other types of entertainment over time including concerts by artists like Elvis Presley in 1970 and Madonna in 1993. It was even home to a stage production called “Texas” during one summer season back in 2009-2010.

Tips for Visiting

Come Ready for the Noise: There are times when the stadium is abuzz with activity. At these times, visitors should be aware that there will be lots of noise and energy in the area which can make it hard to hear or see what’s going on around them.

Pack Snacks: There are very few places nearby where visitors can find food so it’s best if they pack snacks just in case there isn’t a concession stand open at all times when they’re visiting this site. These will give them something to munch on while waiting for their tour guide or watching what’s going on inside the stadium area.

Be Aware that Every Item Must Go Through Security: People who visit here have been asked not to bring any kinds of bags with them because there are no lockers available to hold their belongings while they’re inside the stadium. Visitors must also be prepared to go through security when entering this historic site so that everyone can stay safe and feel comfortable during their visit here.

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