Downtown Aquarium

There are many aquariums in Texas that offer undersea adventures, but there is one standout. The Houston Downtown Aquarium is rated as one of the top aquariums. This aquarium offers a lot of entertainment for all ages. It boasts 500,000 gallons worth of rides and exhibits. There is also a huge fish tank restaurant.

Houston’s Downtown Aquarium is perhaps the most famous aquarium in Texas. It boasts over 500,000 gallons of underwater attractions, as well as rides and games. There are also dining and shopping options to keep everyone entertained.

Eight exhibits are included in the total. They include everything from alligators living in Texas bayous to diverse coral reefs.

Many 180-degree underwater tunnels offer visitors the chance to dive into the immense world beneath the sea surface. Be amazed by the colorful, rarely-seen wildlife that swims past you.

Stingray Reef allows you to get close up and personal with live Stingrays!

You can interact with these deep-water creatures in a unique touch tank. Feel their smooth, silky skin, and feed them from your hands.

Six thrilling rides showcase different aspects of the aquarium. The Shark Voyage is the most popular.

C.P. Huntington trains will take you through the shark tank’s center, where you’ll be able to see the fiercest predators of the sea just inches from your eyes.

You’ll also find more entertainment outside, including a Ferris wheel that is 100 feet tall, an aquatic-themed carousel, and other amusement parks rides.

You don’t have to be a kid or an adult in order to enjoy a thrilling 65-foot vertical drop and awe-inspiring views over Houston, Texas.

Don’t miss out on a great meal at the Aquarium Restaurant before you go.

A 150,000 gallon, floor-to-ceiling aquarium houses over 100 marine species. Every table is given a seat at the front. The menu is primarily seafood-inspired but includes salmon, steak, chicken, fish entrees, and pasta dishes. There are also desserts that include decadent desserts.

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