Mount Rubidoux is a popular destination in the Riverside, California area. If you are looking for things to do near Mount Rubidoux, here are some ideas:


This is the perfect place to spend the day hiking and enjoying nature. There are multiple trails to choose from, making it easy for everyone in your group to find something that they enjoy.


This is another great option if you want a nice place to relax outdoors with family or friends. Many people bring blankets out here so they can picnic on the hillsides while looking at the view of Riverside below them. They also have many benches placed throughout this location which make it easier when sitting down and eating food or playing games during your time there.


This is an excellent activity for those who like action-packed fun! If you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty (or having some grass stains on your pants) then you should consider bringing your skateboard or rollerblades out here to have a great time.

Bird Watching

If you are interested in seeing some local bird species, then this is the perfect location for you! There are many kinds of birds that can be seen from Mount Rubidoux, and if you bring binoculars with you it will make it easier to get a closer look at them as they fly around above. You may even learn something new about the local bird population through spending time here!

Riverside Community Garden

This garden holds many events throughout the year where those who attend can meet others and share their love of gardening together. They also hold workshops on various topics such as growing strawberries and how-tos for growing roses. If you are interested in gardening then this is a good place to spend some time!


This is an excellent activity for those who like being outdoors and enjoy spending their free time exercising by walking or biking around. Many people bike down the trails which makes it easy to get all of your exercises in while still having fun at the same time! The paths are wide enough that if someone were driving they could easily go through without worrying about hitting anyone on foot or bicycles coming from another direction, making things safer overall. There’s also plenty of places where you can stop along the way and relax with family or friends when you feel tired after getting some great exercise throughout your trip out here together.

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