Tilden Regional Park is a beautiful, accessible park with many things to do. Located in Oakland‘s East Bay Hills, it stretches across 1,500 acres and is home to over 40 miles of trails. With so much space there are plenty of activities for people of all ages and interests including:


This is one of the most popular activities in the park. The flat terrain makes for easy riding, and many people bike to different parts of the park just for fun! There are also long routes that take riders through secluded areas or scenic spots around Lake Anza.

Biking is not allowed on trails other than paved roads within Tilden Park.


Tilden Regional Park is home to over 40 miles of trails.

Lake Anza Trail – This trail takes hikers along the northern side of Lake Anz a with views across the lake, and meadows on either side. It intersects with several other hiking paths in different areas including Wildcat Peak Trail, which leads up into the hills where there are sweeping panoramic views of San Francisco Bay & Mt Tamalpais among others! Some parts of this hike can be steep so it’s not recommended for beginners or younger children. The total length is about three miles roundtrip from beginning to end but shorter routes are possible if desired.

Canyon View Loop – If you want a more moderate hike with views of the Oakland hills along the way, this is a good one to try! The trail takes you past several different landscapes including oak forests and grasslands.

Coyote Hills Regional Park – A hike through this park will lead hikers past ponds surrounded by marshland leading up to scenic vistas of San Francisco Bay. There are many trails that wind around Coyote Hills as well as sections where there are stairs or steep hills but it’s still doable for most people who want an outdoor adventure!  

Horseback Riding/Livery Stables

Tilden Equestrian Center offers horseback riding lessons on weekends & holidays. Visitors can rent horses from April-October if they prefer not to go through formal training.


Tilden Park is a great place for families or large groups to enjoy time together. There are several locations including picnic tables and areas with barbeques where people can relax and have fun!

Attend an Event

There are many events that happen in Tilden Park throughout the year. In case you visit during a time when there are no events planned, you can always check out the different activities happening in neighboring cities like Berkeley or Oakland!

With all these activities to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

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