Lake Merritt is a large lake in Oakland, California. It has many activities that are available for people to enjoy! Here are some of the most popular ones:

Rowing on the Lake

This is one of the most popular activities that is offered at Lake Merritt. There are seven different clubs that row on a daily basis and there are also individual rowing enthusiasts who rent out boats to use for a couple of hours or an entire day!

Biking, Skating & Walking Around The Lake

There is plenty of space around the lake to either walk or ride a bike. There are also many opportunities to skateboard, rollerblade, and scooter around the lake as well!

Visiting The Lake Dog Park

The dog park is located at the north end of the lake on Grand Avenue, near where Lakeshore Ave intersects with Grand Ave. In this area, there are multiple trees that provide shade for dogs who need it from hot summer days. It’s also an awesome place to get some fresh air and exercise with your furry friends while enjoying beautiful views of Lake Merritt too!

Lake Merritt Boating Center & Marina

Located in Lakeside Park which is right next door by 12th street there is a boating center available to rent boats if you’d like to explore the lake more in depth on your own.

Lake Merritt’s Huge Walking Path

The walking path around Lake Merritt is also referred to as the “Grand Canal” because it follows alongside Grand Ave, but at times there are paths that diverge from this street which allow you to take some amazing pictures of birds or other people who may be fishing! You can see many different types of wildlife while enjoying a relaxing walk by the lake too. There are plenty of benches placed alongside pathways if you’d like to sit down for a bit and enjoy some alone time with nature.

Playing With Kids & Dogs At The Lake

People of all ages enjoy coming to this lake because it is such a diverse environment! There are also many different dogs that come here every day to play with each other. It’s really great for people who like socializing with their pets too since you’ll be able to meet plenty of new friends along the way while at the same time keeping your pet active and entertained too!

Lake Merritt Is Open All Year Long

There are some activities offered on this lake during winter months including ice skating which means if you’re someone who enjoys being out in nature even during colder weather then there will still be plenty of fun things available for you to do around Lakeshore Ave or Avenue throughout the entire year.

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