Advantages of Concrete Driveways

Installing a concrete driveway is one of the best choices you can make for enhancing the performance and appearance of your home exteriors. A concrete driveway comes with a number of advantages which will be outlined below:

1. Beauty and Curb Appeal

A colorful concrete driveway will offer a considerable curb appeal to your home. There are several creative designs you can choose from to suit your home designs and existing colors. If you want a darker concrete driveway, darker colors are ideal for you. If you want a concrete driveway that will add some beauty and appeal to your home, you can use a blend of two colors. If you want to add a touch of class to your concrete, a stamped concrete driveway will do the job. Such stamped concrete surfaces can easily blend with the architectural designs in your home. For a highly textured, 3-dimensional look, go for exposed aggregates.

2. A Longer Lifespan

Among the several reasons why homeowners and property developers prefer concrete driveways to other options is the fact that concrete driveways last longer and can easily withstand wears and tears. A concrete driveway is known to stand the test of time and bad weather. Concrete driveways as known to last much longer than asphalt and other driveways.

3. Resists Heat and Light

One advantage concrete driveways have over other concrete options is the fact that concretes reflects heat from UV radiation. If you want to really appreciate the difference between a concrete driveway and other options like asphalt, try walking barefoot on a concrete driveway and another driveway on a hot sunny day. When it comes to lighting, reflections of light from your concrete driveway will reduce your lighting requirements. You can greatly enhance your energy-saving ability at home with a concrete driveway.

4. Ability to Bear Heavy Loads

Concrete driveways can naturally endure heavier loads than asphalt and other driveways. This makes concrete driveways the best option for industrial driveways where a large number of heavy trucks will need to drive in and out of your property occasionally.

5. Low Maintenance Cost

You can enjoy lower maintenance costs with concrete driveways. To make your concrete driveways last longer, penetrating sealers and contraction joints can be included during installation. These penetrating sealers will protect your concrete driveway against moisture absorption and de-icers while contraction joints will help isolate cracking that results as a result of shrinking concrete.

6. Good Surface Characteristics

Concrete driveways do not release evaporative oils as they dry, which means they cannot stick to the soles of your shoes when you walk through your concrete driveways. This is one great advantage concrete driveways have over asphalt driveways.

7. Environmental-Friendly

Producing and installing concrete driveways requires less energy than other options. This makes concrete driveways a more environmentally friendly solution to your paving needs. Also, replacing a concrete driveway does not consume much energy due to its long lifespan.

If you later decide to sell your home, having concrete on your driveway will help you sell your home faster and recover your investments.

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