All You Need to Know About Cape Coral Historical Museum in Cape Coral 33990

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The Cape Coral Historical Museum is a museum that was established in 1985. Located on the south end of Cape Coral 33990, it contains over 4,000 historical artifacts that are representative of what life was like in Southwest Florida from 1880 to 1980. From machinery and tools for farming to clothing and household items, visitors can get a glimpse into how people lived during this time period.


This museum was originally a house that belonged to Miss Elma Turner, one of the first librarians in Cape Coral. She opened her home as a museum in 1985 where she displayed her own personal collection which included items from Southwest Florida’s past. In 1992 Mr. Robert Weinkove gave his extensive historic artifact collection and over ten acres of land adjacent to the Bell Tower Park to create this museum for future generations to enjoy!


This museum is home to over 4000 artifacts that were all donated by local residents. The museum’s collection includes household items, farming equipment and machinery, military uniforms and weapons from the Seminole Wars as well as many other historic pieces!


There are numerous exhibits on display at this museum year-round for visitors to enjoy. Some of these include: “Cape Coral Pioneers – 1860 – 1912” which showcases the lives of those who first settled in southwest Florida; “Hollywood South – 1950s & 60s Cape Coral Movie Sets” where you can learn about how people spent their free time during an era when life was simpler; “The First Hundred Years – 1880 – 1980” gives a retrospective on how life was lived in Cape Coral during this time period; “The Seminole Wars – 1817 – 1858” which discusses the pivotal moment that led to Florida being ceded from Spain to America and “Equal Rights In The Workplace – Civil War Era To Present Day” where visitors can learn about how far we have come socially.

Why is this Museum a Must-Visit Attraction?

  • It’s Educative: This museum is a great place to learn about the history of Cape Coral and Southwest Florida.
  • It’s Interactive: Visitors can closely examine artifacts that were used on a regular basis during this time period.
  • It’s Fun for All Ages: There are numerous exhibits that will delight people from all age groups!
  • It’s Kid-friendly: There are many activities that families can enjoy together!


This museum is handicap accessible and has plenty of free parking available for visitors. It also offers complimentary admission to the museum!

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