All You Need to Know About Dallas Firefighters Museum in South Dallas

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Dallas Firefighters Museum is a museum that honors those who serve as Dallas firefighters. It is located in South Dallas, TX, and has been open since 2007. The museum includes three floors of exhibits, each with a different theme: History, Training, and Apparatus. It also offers tours for groups and individuals on request!


This museum was built because of the efforts of dedicated individuals. The founder, Jack Matthews, was an attorney who served as a volunteer firefighter during World War II and used his knowledge to help design firetrucks after he returned home to Texas. Since then, Dallas Firefighters Museum has continued to grow in its exhibits and tours for visitors!


This museum goes beyond just looking at history by offering training opportunities too! Currently, they offer CPR certification workshops that are held twice monthly. They also have annual smoke detector giveaways – residents can bring their old detectors in exchange for new ones free of charge between May 15th and June 30th each year.


There is no shortage of things to look at when it comes to this museum’s collection of firefighting vehicles. Exhibit highlights include an aerial tiller truck, a replica of the that fought in World War II, and a red Dallas Fire Department pumper from 1908!

What To Do

If you are looking for a new Dallas activity, this is the place to go. From history and training opportunities to exhibits filled with firefighting apparatus, there’s something here for everyone! This museum also offers tours of their collection on request – feel free to contact them if you would like more information about these or other events held at the museum.

Tips for Visiting

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing: Don’t forget that this museum is located in Texas – it can get hot outside, so be sure to dress accordingly.
  • Bring a Camera: Many of the exhibits have great photo opportunities! Be sure to bring your camera and snap some pictures of the Dallas Firefighters Museum’s vintage vehicles on display. You might even see someone dressed up as a firefighter from decades past while you’re there too!
  • Carry some water: If possible, try to carry some water with you when visiting this museum. You might get thirsty while looking at all of the amazing exhibits!
  • Don’t forget your Dallas map: In case you’re wondering where exactly this historic firefighting-focused attraction is located, be sure to print out a copy of our simple and clear directions for finding it.
  • Don’t leave kids unattended: There are lots of amazing things to see and do here, but it’s important that children be accompanied by an adult.
  • Take a friend: If you want other people to be able to enjoy this museum with you, why not bring along some friends? No matter what kind of company you like the best – family members or close friends (or both!) – everyone will love spending time at Dallas Firefighters Museum!

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