Amazing Places to Visit in Oklahoma

Summer is here! You have been working hard all year, and this is the time to get away from work and focus on other things that matter to your life. This time, you have decided to have fun – not at home, but in a far flung location. You are thinking of travelling to another continent, but when you look at your bank account, you decide to pick a destination within the country that will give you value for your hard-earned money.

As you look at the list of places to visit in the United States, you are utterly perplexed due to the huge number of destinations available. Before you make a decision that you might regret all your life, let us help you out – Oklahoma City is one of the cities that will not let you down, regardless of what you love doing on a holiday.

Some of the best places you can visit in this city include;

Turner Falls

Turner Falls is conveniently located between Oklahoma and Dallas. It features what is doubtlessly the largest water falls in Oklahoma. Additionally, it is home to a walk-in castle which was constructed in 1930.

Here, you will not only enjoy the breeze emanating from the giant waterfall. You will also see a number of wildlife roaming around including wild turkeys and different deer species.

Some amenities in this destination include picnic areas, swimming areas, three caves to explore, hiking trails, and a playground. This is enough to give you optimum fun in front of a 77-foot waterfall, right?

Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park

The reason you wanted to travel to Africa is because you wanted to spend some time with animals. Now that you are in Oklahoma, you can get a feel of a wildlife experience by visiting the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. This is the largest private zoo in the globe which houses tons of exotic animals including lions, bears, wolves, hyenas, and tigers.  There are other smaller animals here such as opossum, skunk, and lemur.

When here, you will be allowed to play with smaller animals. Also, you will find a super-friendly grizzly bear known as Ozzy which will shower you with kisses on exchange for treats.

Little Sahara State Park

Have you ever been to the African Sahara Desert? Well, if not, don’t worry! Oklahoma will provide you with an opportunity to explore a smaller version of the desert. Little Sahara State Park is a 1,600-acre sand-filled land for driving a host of ATVs such as the dune buggies.

You can follow the extensive paved walkway within the park and head to the observation tower where you will get a bird-eye view of ATV riders in action. This is one of the places where you can have fun, whether you are a solo traveler or have carried your entire family along.

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