Amazing Things to do in Orlando, FL

In case you are looking to filling your travel itinerary, Orlando, FL doesn’t have a shortage pf things to do. For people who have never been there before, this city is often referred to as the theme park capital, thanks to the fact that it is home to the world’s best theme parks including Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld Orlando.

Burt apart from visiting theme parks when you choose this place as your ideal holiday destination, below are a few other things that you can engage in;

Have fun at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures

This fun-filled destination is located near Disney World, and it’s one of the best you can visit if all you are looking for is to enjoy a holiday with your loved ones.

When here, all you need to do is board an airboat which will take you on a tour across the clean waters of the city at speeds of up to 40 mph. all the boats in this place are inspected and approved by the US Coast Guard; thus you don’t need to worry about your security when cruising in them.

This tour will provide you with an opportunity to tour some places untouched by man; which are amazingly rich in exotic wildlife.

Visit the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens

In case you are a flora and fauna fanatic, then you cannot leave Orlando without visiting the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. This amazing place is situated in a 23-acre piece of land, and is home to over 5000 animal species. Inside, there is also a reptile house, an insect zoo, and an out-of-this world children area.

Go for a three-hour swimming at Crystal River Water Spots

Do you love swimming?

Well, if you do, then a three hour swimming expedition at the Crystal Water Spots is the ultimate thing you need to do when you visit Orlando, FL. After a cold dip, take an eco-tour in this expansive location and take a glimpse of dolphins, wild pigs, manatees, and gators. In case you have been yearning to learn scuba diving all your life, you will get all the training you need in this area.

Interact with the world’s tallest land animal at the Giraffe Ranch

Giraffes are, without a doubt some of the friendliest wild animals. If you want to interact with them all day, ensure you visit the Giraffe Ranch which is located about an hour from the Walt Disney Park. This is a place that will not only take your meaning of fun to a whole new level, but it will also make you feel as if you are on a tour to the African jungle.

With all these things to do, there is no reason why you should not make Orlando your ultimate vacation destination before the end of the year!

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