Amazing Things You Can Do at Willow Run Park in Duncanville 75137

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Willow Run Park is a beautiful park in Duncanville, TX that has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a relaxing picnic with your family or want to get some exercise while hiking, there’s no shortage of things to do at Willow Run Park. In this post, we will discuss the different activities you can do at Willow Run Park and why it’s such an amazing place!


This is a great park in Duncanville 75137 for anyone who enjoys jogging, as there are several trails that go throughout the whole park. The paths all connect to each other and make it easy to navigate your way around the entire place!


Since Willow Run Park has covered gazebos with picnic tables, this is an excellent spot for you or your family to set up a picnic. This is a low-key and relaxing way to spend the day while still being outside!


There are more than a dozen trails throughout Willow Run Park that you can hike on. These paths wind through various parts of the park, giving hikers plenty of views along the way! The longest trail is two miles but there are also several smaller looping paths too if you’re looking for something shorter.

Little Diggers Preschool Playground

The Little Diggers preschool playground gives children ages three to five an area where they can play in a safe environment. This area includes slides, swings and even small trampolines perfect for toddlers who want some energy out after sitting in their strollers all morning. There is no age limit at this spot so it’s great for parents to bring their children too!


There is a large playground located in the heart of Willow Run Park. This park includes slides, swings, and even an area where kids can ride on carousel horses! There are plenty of benches nearby so that adults can watch their children play while still being able to relax.


If you have your own canoe or kayak there are several spots at Willow Run Park where they will give you access to the water. There are numerous ponds throughout this park with varying levels of depth, making it suitable for any boating enthusiast regardless if they’re experts or newbies. If don’t have your own boat then there are also two rental spots located on the edge of the park.

Fishing & Swimming

If you’re looking for another way to relax with your kids, bring them fishing at one of the many lakes in the park! There are also several spots where you can go swimming and cool off on those hot Texas days.

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