Midtown is a great place to live, which is situated near Sacramento, CA. The neighborhood has many amenities that make it a desirable living space, such as the Sacramento Zoo and Tower Bridge. In this post, we’ll explore what Midtown offers in terms of recreation, entertainment, and education for both children and adults alike!


This is a major draw for families who are looking to settle down in Midtown. It’s very important that children have access to quality education which is why so many parents flock here from other parts of the country. Midtown has a public elementary school, as well as several private schools including St Francis Xavier School and The Montessori Children’s House of Sacramento.

Sacramento Zoo

The zoo offers a fun family activity where visitors can see various animals up close! The African Savanna Exhibit houses cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and more – it will be hard not to miss this exhibit when walking around because its front entrance features an enormous elephant fountain! If you’re visiting the Sacramento Zoo during the winter months you can also see the Giant Pacific Octopus in its temporary home.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is a major landmark of Midtown Sacramento, making it easily recognizable to out-of-state visitors and tourists. The bridge itself has become an icon for this region because it’s one of only four bridges that cross the entire length of California’s second-largest river – The American River! Visitors are able to take tours inside the tower which offers fantastic views both day AND night since all lights on the bridge are LED bulbs. If you’re taking your kids along with you make sure they don’t miss out on crossing over Hooks Lane Drawbridge while walking around! This small pedestrian drawbridge plays music every time someone goes across so be sure to take a listen!

Entertainment and Nightlife

Midtown is known for its plethora of bars and clubs. Popular hangouts include Hock Farm, The Red Rabbit, and any one of the many local sports bars such as SacTown Sports Bar or King’s X Pub & Grill. There are also several dance venues that stay busy until late into the night if you’re looking to cut some rug! Alley Katz offers live music nearly every day while Club Raven stays open until at least midnight on weekends with no cover charge (and has been voted best North Sacramento nightclub in multiple years)! For those who enjoy going out during the week make sure to head over to Jazz Street since this bar features three different floors with separate music based upon your mood – how cool is that!


Midtown is a great place for people of all ages to live because it encompasses many essential needs such as education, entertainment, and recreation. In addition, its location makes it very convenient whether you’re commuting from surrounding suburbs or across the country!

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