Annual Events in Los Angeles, CA

There are very many events in Los Angeles, and you can easily get perplexed when deciding the ones that you need to attend. However, there are those events that brings the city to life every year, and they are ideal for residents and visitors. They include;

The AFI Fest

If you are in the city in November, this is an event that you should not miss. The American Film Institute (AFI) Festival takes place in various Hollywood Theatres including Dolby and Chinese Theatres. Regardless of what you want to learn about the film industry, this is the place to be. The event is graced by different film elites, and this gives you a rare opportunity to interact with them. What makes this fest a must go is the fact that you will not be expected to pay a dime. You will enjoy everything in the event free of charge!


The LA Film Festival

This event is held at Regal Cinemas every June, and is regarded by many reviewers as the top event in the city. It features a panel of Hollywood stars, world premieres and screenings. When you come here, you will; not be a regular citizen. You will have a chance to feel like you are in a red carpet gala, and this is the main goal of the festival. If you are a true ‘cinephile,’ this is one of the events you cannot turn a blind eye on.


Hollywood Halloween Carnival

In this amazing city, Halloween is not taken as a joke. At the end of every October, this city hosts what is arguably one of the largest Halloween street parties in the United States – The Hollywood Halloween Carnival.

This event features costume contests, concerts, patio parties, drag-queen shows, and a lot more. If you are a visitor and you have never experienced Halloween before, this is one of the events that will explain to you what it is all about.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Its Christmas, and you do not have a plan in mind. Do not get out of the city! The Hollywood Christmas Party is waiting for you with open arms. After a thanksgiving, the event kicks off with an array of Hollywood sensations and movie vehicles such as DeLorean from Back in the future and Ecto1 from Ghostbusters.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade brings together thousands of people, making it one of the largest social events in the city.

Other annual events that you can attend in Los Angeles CA include L.A. Pride Festival, L.A. Shorts Fest, L.A. Marathon, and the Abbot Kinney Festival.

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