Annual Events in Phoenix, AZ

If you are planning to spend your time in phoenix, AZ this year, below are some of the events that will ensure you always have something to do.

Cinco de Mayo Phoenix Festival

Every year, dozens of bars and other entertainment venues celebrate the Cinco de Mayo every year, an event that is dominated by lots of cerveza and tequila. However, you will not experience the fun that comes with this event if you do not attend the Cinco de Mayo Phoenix festival that takes goes down in downtown Phoenix. What sets this event ahead of the others is the fact that it is family friendly, which means that you can bring all your loved ones along and have fun to the fullest.

In this annual festival that takes place in May, sit back and get entertained by the popular folklorico Dancers and the Libre Wrestlers as you enjoy your favorite drink.

Queen Creek Peach Festival

This is an event that celebrates Queen Creek, the largest producer of peaches in Arizona. This farm contributes greatly to the economy of Arizona and the United states at large, bearing in mind that it ships produce to different parts of the world.


During this festival, there are a myriad of festivities you can enjoy including live music and hayrides across the orchards. If you have kids, do not leave them behind because this place has something in store for them. Children’s rides are in plenty, which means that there is something that will keep the little ones occupied while you concentrate on everything else.

At the pancake breakfast, you will smell the sweet aroma of freshly plucked peaches on your way to the sampling pavilion. You can purchase toothsome peach cinnamon rolls and peach pies, which you can eat later on as a reminder that you once attended the Queen Creek Peach Festival in Phoenix, AZ.

Arizona Restaurant Week

During the spring and fall seasons, restaurant week is celebrated all over Arizona. What makes the Phoenix edition interesting is that there are dozens of participating restaurant, thanks to the fact that this city is a foodie destination. If you think that you will have to part with thousands of dollars in order to enjoy a meal during this week, you are dead wrong. There is something for everyone, which means that regardless of your budget, you will doubtlessly get a taste meal specially made for you. This amazing event takes place in May, and it is indeed one of the best that you can attend whether you are a resident or visitor.

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