Annual Events in San Jose, CA

Whether you are a resident or visitor in the city of San Jose, below are some annual events that will make your stay worthwhile.

The Boba Festival

Well, if you love spending your money to help others in the society, you need to check out the Boba festival. When you buy a ticket, half of the proceeds goes towards providing people all over the globe with clean water while the other half provides scholarships for future business professionals from needy backgrounds. Therefore, this event is not only one of the best food events in San Jose, but it is also a philanthropic event that you need to attend. It takes place at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds every October.

Viva Frida!

This is doubtlessly one of the biggest Indian Independence day celebrations in the Bay Area. Here, there is something for everyone. Therefore, do not leave your family behind thinking that there is nothing that will keep your children occupied as adults concentrate on everything else. Here, you will find more than twenty mechanical rides, a Sea Lion Show, Music from a renowned Bollywood star, dance and singing competitions, a military parade, and flag hoisting.

When you get hungry, don’t think of leaving the festival for a restaurant. There is a huge collection of Indian food from different regions, and you can taste all and decide which one to eat.

Makers Market

Do you love art? If you do, you will need to check out the Markers Market at the Santana Row. This is an event that brings together hundreds of artists who fill the park and display their beautifully crafted pieces of art. Here, you will get what you have been yearning for including hand crafted US ceramics, glassware, handbags, succulents, soaps, candles, jewellery, and a lot more.


This event is free of charge. You can, therefore, bring your family a long and play a role in promoting local talent or if not, you can just visit the Museum of Art if you’re not into this kind of enjoyment.

The National Night Out at Ramac Park

This is an annual event that brings people from different communities in a bid to create national cohesion. Here, you will experience a night of fun with live DJ and fun games, not forgetting that there are lots of giveaways and prices to be won.


It is a kid-friendly event; hence you should consider coming with the little ones for a night full of socialization and merry making.

This year, the event will go down on August 7 at the Ramac Park.

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