The Benefits of Concrete Patios

A concrete patio can make your place look excellent. It adds aesthetic value and functionality to your property. A well-constructed concrete patio can even significantly increase a home’s overall market value. Before concrete patios rose into popularity, the most common types of patios in the past were wooden deck patios and patio surfaces that are paved with bricks and paver stones. Traditional wooden decks were quite sophisticated but lacked the design flexibility. Other than that, they are prone to structural damages due to their low durability. Paved patios were quite inexpensive but only offered limited choices to the color of the crushed stones and other paving materials.

There are many reasons why thousands of homeowners across the world would prefer concrete patios over other types of patios. Concrete is a very durable building material that can withstand strong pressure and can last for several years with only minimal maintenance. Compared to other types of patios, concrete patios have more design options. You can design the patio surface however you want. Furthermore, concrete patios are not costly, and their building material is readily available.

Concrete patios pose a distinct maintenance advantage in that a 5-gallon can of sealant covers 1,000 square feet, costs around $100-150, and is only needed once every 2-3 years. Wooden decks should be resealed and restained annually, which means they must be power washed and sanded every year as well. If you are considering on constructing a patio in your property, you should read this article first.

The design versatility of a concrete patio is what made it the most popular choice among homeowners. It is essential to create a patio design that would complement the design of the surrounding space. A concrete patio can be personalized by AAA Concreting in various ways, even with the addition of tiles or paving materials on its surface and borders. Coloring techniques and stamping tools are now being utilized in finishing concrete patios.

Thanks to the design versatility of concrete, your patio will never look just like your neighbor’s. And with recent advances in coloring techniques and stamping tools, patios made of poured-in-place concrete are more versatile than ever before. Concrete is easily formed into any shape, allowing you to accommodate backyard space restrictions or incorporate attractive curves. With the use of stains and other coloring methods, you can also achieve just about any hue imaginable, whether you want to match the stone facade of your house or blend in with the natural landscape. Visit to know more about the benefits of concrete patios.

You will surely have many reasons why you should decide to go for concrete in building your next patio. Although there are many advantages of concrete patios, such as increased durability and design flexibility, the main reason why you should go for concrete is its economic value. Concrete is an inexpensive yet quality material in building patios. There is no reason why you would still go back to the past and go for wooden decks patios.

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