Benefits of Visiting The African American Museum in South Dallas

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The African American Museum is a museum that offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of African Americans. From slavery to the modern day, this museum has something for everyone. There are over 12,000 square feet of exhibits and artwork on display at all times. The facility in South Dallas TX also offers educational programming for children and adults alike.

Some of the benefits of visiting this place include:

Its Educative

This museum is dedicated to teaching visitors about the history of African Americans. The museum does this by offering exhibits and educational programs that inform people on topics such as slavery, segregation, discrimination, arts & culture among other things.

Visitors can gain knowledge regarding important events in American history through this place which isn’t possible if they stayed at home or didn’t visit it at all!

Its Interactive

The museum offers interactive exhibits so that it is not just someone who learns but the children as well.

Many of these exhibits allow people to step into a time machine and experience various events in history such as working on a cotton plantation, sitting at a segregated lunch counter or riding in an iconic Greyhound bus that used to segregate passengers by race! Other popular activities include:

  • The Harriet Tubman Museum where you can learn about her life story.
  • An opportunity for visitors to create music using instruments from Africa during their visit.

Its Inspirational

The museum provides inspiration through its art collection which includes works from African American artists from around the world. Some of them include:

  • Portraits of prominent African Americans by artists who include Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis and Robert Duncanson.
  • Paintings that depict the struggle for freedom during slavery time like those made by David Bustill Bowser or Benjamin West Petty (a white man).

Its a Social Arena

The museum provides a social space where people can gather and share their experiences with each other. This is especially important for members of the African American community who do not have opportunities to explore the rich history of their ancestors because they live in underprivileged areas or are physically unable to visit this place due to old age.

Visiting The African American Museum will allow people from all walks of life to learn about an era that has shaped America today! They can also meet like-minded individuals during their trip, bond over shared histories, and create memories together too!

Its Cost Effective

This museum offers free admission and parking which means that you can visit it as many times as you want. It also has a restaurant, gift shop and an art gallery where visitors can purchase works of local artists at affordable prices!

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