Best Kids Activities at the Miami Children’s Museum, North Miami FL

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The Miami Children’s Museum has been providing fun, hands-on learning experiences for kids of all ages since 2003. The museum boasts more than 100 exhibits that are designed to teach children about science, the arts, social studies, and culture. Here is a list of some of our favorite activities for kids at the Miami Children’s Museum located in North Miami FL!

Creative Projects

The Museum has an art studio that allows kids to explore their creative sides. The art studio is open every day and features a wide range of activities that include painting, drawing, or creating collages with recycled materials such as cardboard and paper bags. For older children (and adults), the museum offers classes in pottery, jewelry making, and more!

Educational Activities

The Museum also has an exhibit where kids can learn about animals from around the world. Kids can see life-size models of elephants, lions, and other jungle creatures up close before heading outside for some hands-on fun at various stations including Turtle Cove – This area gives little ones a chance to create turtle shells out of plastic bottles before crawling through them; Animal Adventures – Here parents will find educational games that teach about animal behaviors, and habitats.

Culture Center

The museum has an exhibit called The Culture House that highlights various cultures around the world through film, music, and art. Kids can learn how people live all over the globe by playing games or creating crafts inspired by different countries like India, Japan, Latin America, and many others!

Social Activities

The museum has a variety of activities that explore social and emotional development. There is an exhibit called the Mind Playground that helps kids learn how to identify their feelings, express them in healthy ways, and problem solve through play.

Science Activities

There are several science exhibits at the Miami Children’s Museum such as Dino Digs where children can discover fossils like trilobites; Animal Adventures where they can get up close with animals from around the world; Curious Cargo – A child-sized boat that allows visitors to pretend they’re on a voyage through space or underwater by moving levers to steer. The numerous options for learning make this one of our favorite places for kids

See For Yourself

Kids (and adults!) will love exploring famous landmarks from Miami on a scavenger hunt at See for Yourself. At this activity young ones are shown pictures of famous buildings before heading into two large rooms with life-size replicas including Brickell City Centre Tower, the Freedom Tower, and American Airlines Arena.

Community Projects

The museum features a Community Room where kids can learn about different community service organizations in Miami-Dade County such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America or Habitat for Humanity before having fun making crafts at the Kids Care table!


Kids love fishing at the museum! They can catch fish and other animals like crabs, frogs, and turtles. If they don’t want to wait for one of the fish to bite their lines, kids can just drop a line into each station that has an underwater camera so they can watch as it happens in real-time!

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