Best Places to visit with Kids in Albuquerque

On the last vacation, you wanted to spend some time alone; thus you did not go with your family. This year, however, you don’t want to leave anyone behind. You want to give the young ones a holiday they will never forget.

You are looking for a place in New Mexico that will provide you with some of the best things that your children can do and have fun every day. After researching on different destinations, you have decided to take them to Albuquerque. Wise choice!

Thanks to the fact that it is the largest city in New Mexico, it is home to lots of things for children to do. Some of the kid-friendly places within this cosmopolitan destination include;

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

One of the things you want to teach your children in cultural diversity. You don’t want them to grow believing that their culture is more superior to others. by bringing them to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, you will go a long mile in helping them learn about different cultures of the Pueblo people; hence allowing them to appreciate those who are different from them.

In this place, children will be treated with several cultural events, tours, workshops, and lectures. For some fun, make sure they attend at least one cultural dance. When they get hungry, take them to the Pueblo Harvest Café and let them enjoy a Native American Cuisine.

Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Situated on the east bank of the Rio Grande, this destination is one of the most educative in the city. It is the perfect place where you will introduce your children to the history, geology, and ecology of the Rio Grande Valley.

There are many outdoor exhibits to enjoy including wetlands, ponds, and gardens. There is also a fantastic blind for birdwatching located along the Rio Grande Flyway.

After the kids learn some things they can’t learn in school, you can take them to the nearby Rio Grande State Park for some fun time throughout the day.

Petroglyph National Monument

Even though Albuquerque is a hotbed of amazing history, you will find the old stuff at the Petroglyph National Monument. This 7,236-acre monument is located on the western edge of the city and is home to over 20,000 ancient images that are believed to be drawn on volcanic rocks by the earliest inhabitants of the continent. What makes this outdoor museum interesting is that it will help you learn and hike at the same time, since you will need to follow hiking trails to access the images.

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