Old Sacramento is a popular place to live for many people in the area. It has a lot of history and charm that make it an appealing destination for families who are looking to move away from suburban life. There are many things about Old Sac that make it worth living there, including:

The Architecture

This place has a lot of old buildings that are still standing tall. Many people love to take pictures in front of the buildings because they have so much character and charm. If you want your kids to learn more about American history, this is an ideal place for them to go exploring around with parents or friends.


If you are looking for something to do in Sacramento, this is a great place to go! There are many shops along the streets that will keep you occupied. You can also take your family out on boat rides or check out some of the other attractions nearby like Sutter’s Fort and Old Town Plaza.

The Fountains

There are actually two fountains at Old Sac where children tend to play around with their parents. These are nice places for families because they provide an opportunity for everyone to have fun together while enjoying nature’s beauty. Many people visit here when it gets hot outside but don’t want to spend time laying in the sun somewhere else when there are so many things you can do here instead!

Affordable Housing

Although this place is great, it’s also an ideal location for people who are looking to save money. Most homes here tend to be less expensive than the ones you could find elsewhere in Sacramento or other areas nearby like Elk Grove and Roseville. If you’re a young family that doesn’t make much money but wants more out of life, then this might be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Public Transport

Old Sac is close to many public transport hubs that allow you to get around the city without having your own car. This makes it very convenient for people who can’t afford a vehicle or don’t want one at their home, but still need access to transportation when they go out of town!

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people love living in Old Sacramento. It has some really cool places where families can spend time together as well as affordable housing options if they don’t want to break their bank accounts when buying a new home. This place definitely deserves more attention from those outside its limits because it offers so many things everyone needs in life.

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