Reasons to Choose Concrete as Your Patio Surface

Are you planning to build a patio? Or maybe your existing one has worn out?

In any case, having a high-quality patio will raise your living standards. The upgrade will get reflected in the value of your home as well. However, some types of patios provide superior results.

Nowadays there are many patio building materials to choose from. Here are the top options available for most homeowners:

  • Bricks
  • Crushed pebbles & gravel
  • Paver tiles
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Some of the materials may seem inviting because of the low upfront costs. But when you are building an important component of your home, you shouldn’t only focus on the initial expenses. There are other things to consider as well.

When you look at the big picture, concrete comes on top.  Paramount Management in Phoenix lists all the major benefits of picking concrete as your next patio surface material.

#1: Simple Maintenance

You don’t need to put in a lot of hours for maintenance. It’s important to reseal it every two years. Other than that, there isn’t much upkeep to perform.

This relative lack of maintenance is very different from wood or even paving units and stone. For instance, wood needs frequent resealing and staining procedures. Even though stones won’t require staining, there isn’t a solid surface with effortless maintenance as in concrete patios.

#2: Maximum Durability

Concrete is a very durable material. Whichever climate conditions you have, concrete is more than likely to withstand the extremes. Also, concrete contractors can take practical steps to make the patio more durable in the colder areas of the country.

Concrete’s longevity when it comes to foot traffic is impressive as well. You can be sure that concrete won’t start sinking unevenly unlike some other materials. Your patio will stay in the best shape for years to come.

#3: Surprising Versatility

Concrete is surprisingly versatile these days. Long gone is the time of gray concrete structures that look uninventive and boring. Decorative concrete patios showcase the advanced results of stamping tools and modern coloring techniques.

There is a multitude of coloring methods and stains you can choose from. Additionally, you can pick from a wide range of engraving, stenciling, and pattern options to make your concrete patio look unique and stylish.

#4: Easy Installation

Installing a concrete patio doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s not a labor-intensive project compared to natural stone or paver patios. This is a remarkable benefit as you can resume the regular daily life in your backyard more quickly.

#5: Sturdy Solution

Crushed gravel is a popular option because it has low upfront costs. However, a significant risk is that your patio can be washed away. A strong rainstorm could wash out all the little pebbles, resulting in a big mess in your yard.

This is an issue that homeowners with a concrete patio don’t have to worry about. Plus, crushed gravel patios come with plastic liners. The material breaks down easily and you will need to replace these liners on a regular basis.

#6: Strong Patio Cover

Are you planning to add a patio cover? Opting for concrete makes it easy to install patio covers. You can have it put in place at the time of pouring the concrete patio in your backyard. The support pillars of the cover can be driven deep into the concrete, creating a sturdy and lasting patio cover.

#7: Optional Stamping

The stamped concrete patio has become a very popular approach lately. The overall process of making a stamped concrete patio is similar to the regular ones. But before pouring, the concrete is tinted, which creates a uniform color.

After the pouring is finished, the concrete contractors will stamp it with a particular design. The variety of stamp designs is tremendous: from bricks and tiles to stones and geometric patterns.

In a nutshell: Reasons to Choose Concrete as Your Patio Surface

You have a variety of patio surfaces to choose form. Cheaper solutions, such as crushed gravel patios, may seem inviting at first. But when you consider their upkeep and long-term costs, concrete patios come on top as clear winners.

Here are the main reasons to opt for concrete patios:

  • The installation is quick and easy
  • Concrete is a low-maintenance solution
  • Allows for a strong and sturdy patio cover
  • Versatile design options and color schemes
  • Sturdy and durable material for your patio
  • Withstands many extreme weather conditions
  • Possible to use a stamped concrete patio approach
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