Concrete Countertop Ideas

Many homeowners think that remodelling their kitchen with new countertops is a very expensive thing to do. Although it is true that many modern countertops are really costly, there are still ways to create an entire new look to your kitchen without having to break your budget. A DIY concrete countertop is a great option if you cannot afford expensive materials and labour or if you are simply saving up for that ultimate kitchen but want a change now.

DIY concrete countertops can be done is just a few days. You can complete a countertop project for your kitchen over a weekend. There are several items that you will need, such as sealer, sandpaper, sponge, bucket and stirrer, and leveller. You might need a few more tools depending on the type of countertop you are trying to create. Creating your very own kitchen countertop is fairly easy, although it may take a lot of your time and energy on your first attempt. You can get a kitchen makeover with a smooth and durable finish in just a few easy steps.

Give your countertop a clean and good sanding to prepare the surface. Apply masking tape around your sink (or remove the sink if you can) and anywhere that your kitchen joins with another surface that you don’t want to cover (e.g oven cooktop). To view the full article, visit its main source.

Some people think that mixing and casting the concrete is the easiest part in creating countertops. It might look simple but it is actually the crucial part in creating high-quality concrete countertops. The exact measurements for the mixing ingredients should be used in order to create a firm concrete. Aside from that, the ingredients should also be added to the mixer in the correct order.

All workers should wear dust masks, eye protection and gloves. Designate one person as the Pour Master (or whatever creative name you want to use for him/her). Before turning on the mixer, the Pour Master is responsible for checking around the area to make sure everyone’s hands and limbs are clear of the mixer, then confirming this by yelling, “Clear!”, and waiting for a response from each worker. For more information, check out the main source of the article.

The mix design is important for concrete countertops. Concrete countertops are generally slender and have thin beams that have different aesthetic requirements. Although colour is not that important in a structural concrete mix design, it is vital in a concrete countertop mix design. You can either utilize a bagged mix or you can mix your own from scratch.

Steel reinforcing is still essential, since the flexural strength of concrete is always much, much lower than the compressive strength. For example, the predicted value of flexural strength for ordinary construction concrete that has a very high compressive strength of 12,000 psi is only about 900 psi! But, if the flexural strength of your concrete is as high as possible, it is going to better withstand bending (flexural) forces along with the steel reinforcement, and show less cracking. If you’d like to read the full article, go to its main source.

Concrete countertops do not only improve the appearance of your kitchen, they also increase the overall value of your home. Most of the time, kitchen renovations can turn out to be costly but it will all be worth it in the end. Simply choose a countertop design that would complement the interior design of your kitchen. Call AAA Concreting anytime and see how we can help you install new concrete countertops in your area.

Concrete countertops that are built either with conventional concrete or with GFRC can often be a logistical headache and literal backache. It is often not a reality to have a concrete countertop built offsite and delivered and installed at the customers residents. If this is the case, we will often see the countertops fabricated on site if the environment is applicable. However, there are still some instances and conditions when a concrete benchtop is not an economical reality.

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Give your kitchen a new lease of life by turning an old benchtop into a stylish concrete benchtop. This easy-to-follow guide shows you the tools and equipment you need to create the modern concrete look, without the expense. Continue to step-by-step instructions…

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While constructing concrete countertops in Australia does have some unique challenges, it doesn’t make Pete love it any less. One of his favorite opportunities is being able to see people’s faces light up when they see what he can do. He loves surprising people with the unlimited possibilities of concrete. 

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