Concrete Mixing 101

Concrete mixing can be a very exhausting task, especially if there is a lot to mix. Although it can be performed using a mixing machine, manual concrete mixing is still proven to produce better results. There are simple steps to follow when mixing concrete manually. With the right mixing ingredients and materials, you can create a high quality mixture in less than 10 minutes. First, you would need the proper tools. Make sure that you have your entire mixing equipment ready before doing the actual mixing. A shovel and a bucket will suffice. If you are planning to mix concrete on a cold weather condition, you will need to wear a pair of cotton gloves.


Knowing the basics of concrete mixing can be beneficial for anyone, especially for those who take part in humanitarian aid. Although mixing concrete is not a very convenient thing to do, it is fairly simple. There should be a mixing pavement to create the mixture. If there are not any in a specific place, it is easy to create one instead. Medium-sized rocks or bricks can be used to create a reliable mixing pavement.


Mixing concrete


Mixing concrete was one of our favourite jobs as we were working shoulder to shoulder with the locals mixing the concrete together on the ground with shovels. Once we had it mixed enough we would shovel it into wheelbarrows and take it into the school.  To make the base for the walls we would dump a bit of concrete in the bottom of the trench and then place big rocks in with more concrete on top of that.  We would place the rebar supports in the corners and along the walls standing straight in the air, this kept all the men in the group busy as it was very hard to keep up with the pace the locals were going at. Visit the main source to view the full article.


There are useful products that can be used to make things easier with concrete mixing. These materials are not very expensive that even regular people could afford them. You can choose to use a liquid concrete mix to easily create a concrete solution. Concrete pump primers help keep the pumps lubricated and the concrete to flow smoothly. There are several other concrete mixing tools that you could use if you want an easier way to create concrete and for concrete pouring.


Great products for effective concrete pouring


Concrete pouring requires strong attention to a number of factors: set up time, pump lubrication, proper placement and timely cleanup are among the most important. At Enviro-Systems our goal is to solve all your concrete problems, which means we provide you with effective solutions for your concrete construction projects. Go to to view the full article.


It would be best to ask for an expert advice if you are new with concrete mixing. You might end up wasting a lot of money if you failed to create a good and stable mixture. It is recommended to leave the mixing part to the expert but if you are really on a tight budget, you can do it on your own as soon as you know the basics. Check out more guides online so that you can be well-prepared in mixing your own concrete.

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