Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Henderson, NV

Henderson, NV is a city located in close proximity to Las Vegas. It’s a desert haven that is characterized by hundreds of cool and unusual things to do. Regardless of the time of the year you visit this city, you can be sure that you will not luck something to delight in. a few of the best things you can do include;

Learn some history at the Clark County Museum

This museum will take you back in time when train travel was a popular activity across the United States. When in this place, you will hop into one of the locomotives that were made over a century ago, and wander through the historical homes furnished with TVs, phonographs, record players, and an array of other vintage appliances which are an important part of this area’s history.

While spending some good time with your family, you will admire the classic cars neatly parked across the park, or you can as well reserve a place at the restored chapel so that you can celebrate the special day with your loved ones.

Go bird-watching at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

When you visit Henderson Bird Preserve, you will be able to see thousands of migratory birds which are native to this desert city.

During your trip, don’t forget to carry sunglasses, a hat, water, and binoculars. When you visit in summer, you will not only watch the birds, but you will also be entertained by live performances and spend your night watching your favorite film.

Enjoy whisky tasting at Las Vegas Distillery

As a guest in Henderson, NV, you will be provided with a rare opportunity to taste several whiskeys at the Las Vegas Distillery. All the spirits in this area are made in-house and include gin, vodka, moonshine, whiskeys, and rum.

You can book a spot in this place online, or you can as well for a reservation.

Go to the Cowabunga Bay Water Park and cool off

The desert heat can be scorching and make your visit to Henderson unbearable. To cool off, visit this 1950s theatre-themed pool and splash some water all over your body. This is the perfect spot to enjoy yourself and also socialize with other visitors who might be thrown your way by the strong waves.

Make the best out of your visit by being enclosed in a tube, and floating down the lazy river which is accented by huge surfboards, VW bus, and a host of other water features. You can do this on your own, or you can tag your family and friends as well.

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