The Cost-Effectiveness Of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling with foamIf ever you have a stooping or slouching sidewalk, concrete leveling, also known as “Mudjacking” could be the most appropriate solution to the problem. The following tips should be considered if you are to level sunken concretes.

Most real estate agents will suggest you to have the uneven concrete sidewalks fixed if you are going to sell your home so as to prevent injuries which could lead to liability claims subsequently. An easy fix to this problem could be provided with the use of concrete leveling procedures.

Do you also have a stooping front porch? How about a slouching sidewalk? The answer to this could be slabjacking also known as mudjacking or concrete leveling. Highly rated service providers that are listed on Angie’s List have provided the following tips on how to do this correctly.

The nature of mudjacking or concrete leveling:

Concrete leveling or commonly called Mudjacking is a type of procedure that uses cement mixed with soil which is pumped through a hole that has been drilled into the concrete in order to fill the voids located under the concrete itself.

What makes it a good option?

Shannon Schwehm, president of Superior Slabjacking Inc. in Stanwood, Wash specifically stated that concrete leveling is significantly cheaper by about one-third of the total cost compared to a replacement.

According to B. Charlton Howell of Charlton’s Concrete Correctors in Indianapolis, concrete leveling is a more cost-effective and less disruptive method compared to the traditional tear-out and replace procedures, as the job only have a price range of about $300 to $700. He additionally advises that a decent and experienced slab jacking contractor should be hired by homeowners. He also stated that going with the cheapest price is not the best option to choose at all times.

When can you consider mudjacking to be the best option to choose?

Whenever concrete has about a half inch settlement or more, Schwehm recommends concrete leveling as the best option that homeowners could choose. He also gives customers referrals to specialists in cases of a more extensive type of repairs for home foundations.

When is concrete leveling considered as a bad option?

The use of mudjacking or concrete leveling will not improve the conditions of a concrete that has deliberately cracked into pieces. Schwehm specifically stated that slabjacking should not be chosen if a brand new look is what a homeowner desires. John Jimpie, owner of JonSolutions Inc. In St. Petersburg, Fl also recommends soil testing for homeowners so as to make sure that there are no presence of lime cavities and sinkholes under the concrete of their individual homes. Jimpie also considers mudjacking as the most recommended solution of solving concrete erosion caused by drainage problems.

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