Cracks in Freshly Poured Concrete

concrete cracks There are some of us who experienced cracking in the concrete that we have just poured in some parts of our house. Many of us wonder if this is a normal thing. There are some contractors who will say that it is normal for the concrete to have a few cracks even if you have just poured it the day before. According to them, this does not mean that there is some problem with the quality of the cement.

However, you will not fail to notice that there are some concrete driveways in your neighborhood that do not have any kind of crack. Then you start to ask if it is really normal or it just happened to you.

Much to our chagrin, it is quite common for some cracking to occur. This is the case especially if the cure is just setting in. If the contractor was able to do it the right way, the cracks would remain to be unnoticeable.

There are different causes why these cracks appear. One of the most common is the tendency of the concrete to shrink by the time the water starts to evaporate. There are some cases where contractors add more water than necessary, which results to more cracking.

There are other factors that affect this and they are extreme weather conditions and drastic temperature changes.

To avoid cracking, the concrete contractors must make use of control joints at strategic points. These are also called relief joints and they are the lines that we see in sidewalks. You will be able to spot them very easily because they are spaced in fixed intervals. They make sure that the pressure is relieved to avoid cracks.

You may need to be extremely patient with it. Concrete would require a month or two before they are completely set up. By that time, you will notice that there is hardly any cracks visible.

You have to understand that concrete can contract and expand according to the fluctuations in temperature. So if you are planning to have this kind of project, it is best that you consult with your contractor first.

The things we have mentioned might be contributing factors as to why your neighbors are not dealing with cracks in their driveway.

If the crack in your driveway is so big that you can already fit a coin to it, you need to talk to your contractor. It is wise if you are going to demand them to provide solutions. If you can, withhold the payment first to make sure that you are going to get the results that you need.

If you are still suspicious about the quality of the work done, you can always hire a home inspector to evaluate their performance.

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