If you are a parent, the decision to move is probably not as simple as it once was. You may have been more willing to pick up and go before kids were in your life, but now there are many factors that need to be considered before making such a big move. One of these considerations that may be on your mind: Is Del Rosa a good place to live with kids?

Well, this place is great because:

Has Plenty of Parks

If you want family fun activities for your kids, Del Rosa has plenty of parks to choose from. There are over 40 different playgrounds spread across the city which is perfect if you like trying new places out! Not only that but there are also two skateboard venues and a dog park all within walking distance of one another.

Is Great Because It Is Close to Mountains

Even though San Bernardino, CA might not be known as an outdoorsy kind of place (although it does have some great hiking trails), this town offers more than meets the eye in terms of nature experiences. For starters there’s Big Bear Lake which is about 30 minutes away; or Mojave National Preserve which can make for an exciting day trip when combined with Vegas’ Strip casinos.

Great Neighborhood Parks

Del Rosa might not have as many parks overall, but the neighborhood play areas are super cool. For example, there’s a wonderful little area near University Avenue where kids can enjoy climbing on different structures and playing in fountains that shoot water at them!

Has Great Schools for Families with Kids

Although San Bernardino County has been considered one of California’s worst school districts, Del Rosa is lucky enough to have some amazing schools nearby. If your children attend Desert Trails Elementary School or Rancho Cucamonga Middle School they’ll be able to walk from home instead of getting bussed around which means no more waiting outside during those hot summer months! In addition, if you send your child(ren) to Etiwanda High School then their studies will be in a great place.

Is Great for Families with Pets

From the Dog Park to the skateboard parks, Del Rosa is very pet-friendly! In fact, there are also two Veterinarian offices and an animal shelter that can take care of all your family’s pets’ needs while you’re living here. The only thing that might give you trouble is finding homes for Fido if everyone wants him, but we won’t tell anyone if he becomes yours forever!

By now it should be clear why Del Rosa really is such a special place to live when considering how well-suited it is for families with children (or other members of their household). This place has a lot to offer and we’re excited for you to experience it all!

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