Essential Things to Carry on your Trip to Albuquerque

You have prepared for your trip to Albuquerque, NM and you are sure you have packed everything you will use throughout your holiday.

Your travel bag is full of clothes, books, and toiletries, and you are sure you will have an amazing time in this city, like you have in other places you have visited before.

But you are forgetting one thing – this city is located in a desert environment. Therefore, you might need to pack more than you think.

There are certain essentials you should not forget to carry when going to Albuquerque. They include;


When visiting any desert environment, sunscreen is a must-have. However, don’t pick any sunscreen and think that it will protect you from Albuquerque’s scorching Sun. ensure the one you buy is non-aerosol.

Don’t protect exposed skin with sunscreen and forget your lips. Ensure you also carry lip balm which is built with sunscreen.


The sun in Albuquerque is unforgiving. If you are not careful, it can peel off your scalp. This is the last thing you want to happen to you, right? To protect yourself, always remember to carry a hat.

Comfortable shoes

Most destinations in this city will be a long way from where you park your car. Therefore, be sure you will walk long distances on hot sand. Therefore, don’t carry your class heels since they will sink. Also, don’t wear your leather shoes since they might grill your feet. Look for comfy shoes, and carry adhesive bandages with you in case you develop blisters.

Scarf or bandana

Well, the main reason why you need a bandana or scarf is not to tie it on your head or around your neck. Sometimes, the sun will be too hot, and one of these items will help you cool off. All you need to do is soak them in water and place them on your neck.

When it gets windy in the evening, you will use them as dust masks. Also, there are some such as infinity scarves that can double as shawls when it gets cold.

External battery and a phone charger

During your trip to Albuquerque, your phone will probably go off, and you might not be able to call anyone or take memorable pictures.

To keep your phone alive, remember to carry an external battery and a phone charger.

Ear plugs

In this desert environment, you never know when things will become loud. Therefore, carry ear plugs with you.

Hand sanitizer

You will interact with hundreds of people and touch tens of surfaces. Therefore, a hand sanitizer will come in handy during your trip to Albuquerque.

Reusable water bottle

Dehydration is serious in a desert environment. Protect yourself by carrying a water bottle, and refill it every time you come across drinkable water.

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