Everything You Need to Know About Oak Hammock Park, Port St Lucie 34953

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Oak Hammock Park is a lush green oasis in the heart of Port St Lucie 34953, Florida. It’s an excellent place for family outings, picnics, BBQs or just taking a stroll through nature. Oak Hammock is also home to many different animals including alligators and peacocks. There are plenty of fun activities like kayaking on the river and fishing at the pier as well!


This beautiful park was formally known as the Indian River District Park. It was renamed Oak Hammock in honor of some beautiful oak hammocks that used to exist on this land and would provide an excellent canopy for picnics and gatherings!

Oak Hammock is a great example of what Florida looked like before development took over, it’s full of oaks, palm trees, and wildlife everywhere you look!

Wildlife & Activities

There are plenty of different animals throughout the park such as birds (including peacocks), alligators, turtles, and even fish along the pier at Little Lake Fairview. Kids will also love boating or kayaking down our river which borders one side of Oak Hammock Park: The St Johns River Water Management District managed Little Lake Fairview.

There are many activities to keep you busy at Oak Hammock Park including boating, kayaking, fishing and even canoeing! This park is an excellent place for family outings or just taking a stroll through nature. You can also picnic under the cool shade of our beautiful oak trees with your friends and loved ones!

Some of the activities to engage in, include:

  • Boating: This park has kayaks, canoes and motorized boats available for rent.
  • Fishing: At the pier of Little Lake Fairview you can fish from either a dock or bridge! Catch some bass, bluegill and catfish in this beautiful body of water. You must have Florida fishing license to do so!

-Nature Trails: Take a walk on one of our nature trails where you will find different types of wildlife including birds (including peacocks) alligators and turtles! There is also an observation platform that overlooks the river which provides excellent views year-round! This area was once full of oak trees but they’ve been cut down because it’s too difficult to maintain them at Oak Hammock Park. If there are any left they provide excellent shade for picnics and gatherings.

  • Pier: You can fish off of the pier at Little Lake Fairview, which borders one side of Oak Hammock Park!
  • Playing Soccer: There are two soccer fields and three baseball diamonds that kids will love to play on while adults cheer them on from the stands! These areas also serve as great places for group events like birthday parties or family outings!

Tips & Highlights

If you’re looking for someplace unique in Port St. Lucie, FL considers going on a tour through this amazing natural oasis today! Whether it’s exploring alligators or simply walking along Little Lake Fairview dock. Oak Hammock has something everyone will enjoy while being right here in South Florida. It’s truly one of a kind!

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