The Peralta Hills area of Anaheim, California area is a family favorite. With plenty to do for the whole family, it’s no wonder that this neighborhood has become so popular in recent years. While many newcomers are attracted to the beautiful homes and excellent school districts, there are other reasons why people love living here!

Some of the Highlights of Living here include:

Great Community Spirit

There are a number of community events in the Peralta Hills area, where neighbors can get together and have fun. These include Easter egg hunts in springtime, Halloween parties for kids during autumn, and sledding parties when it snows!

Family-Oriented Parks Nearby

If you’re looking to meet your neighbors with children nearby, then the Peralta Hills area is a great place to consider. There are several parks nearby where you can meet friendly, like-minded families and set up play dates for your children.

Fantastic Community Center

The community center hosts lots of different activities for all ages including art classes, dance lessons, sports coaching sessions for kids and seniors alike! In addition to these well-attended programs, there are also holiday parties throughout the year that give an opportunity to socialize with other members in the neighborhood.

Convenient Access To Public Transportation

If driving isn’t your thing then don’t worry – there’s plenty of public transport available too! The local bus routes service most areas within a mile or two radius from home so it won’t be long before you can get where you need to be.

Fantastic Schools Nearby!

When it comes time for your children to go back to school, there are several options in the Peralta Hills area that will give them a great learning environment and excellent education too. Whether they’re going into Kindergarten or finishing up High School these schools have an outstanding reputation locally and nationally as well!

Great Things To Do In The Area

The local library is always hosting new events and workshops which means no matter what age your kids are they’ll always find something fun and exciting happening close by. There are also live shows at the theater nearby from music concerts to stand-up comedy acts – whatever tickles your fancy! With so much to see and do, you’ll never get bored living in the Peralta Hills area!

A Diverse Community

The people who live here come from all walks of life and represent a true reflection of the local community. You’ll find people who have just moved to town, families that have been around for generations as well as young professionals with high-flying careers in nearby cities too!

A Safe Community To Raise Your Family In

The Peralta Hills area is a very safe place to call home. There are always lots of police patrolling throughout the day so you can rest assured knowing your loved ones are being watched after 24/365!

Close Proximity To Local Colleges And Universities  

This is an excellent opportunity if you’re looking to give your child options when it comes time for them to go off on their own without having to move away completely! A lot of

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