Famous People from Austin, TX

Well, Austin is doubtlessly the Hollywood of Texas. This is because there is a big number of celebrities who were born and bred in this city. In fact, some of them still live here, while you can occasionally spot some having a good time with their buddies in the city they call home.

There are hundreds of famous people from Austin, and it can be overwhelming to discuss them in one piece. However, below are some of the most notable figures who you will not believe were born in this amazing city:

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is a professional cyclist who has achieved a lot of success in this awesome sport. Through the years, he has represented the United States in international championships and he has brought home many medals, not forgetting that he has been announced champion in various occasions.

Lance Armstrong was born in Austin, TX.



Andy Roddick

He is a famous tennis player and a significant figure in the game. He is an Austin Native, and he even recently bought a home in one of the posh suburbs around the city. Thanks to his tremendous success through his career, he is a mentor to many young tennis players around the globe; hence he deserves a spot on our #top list.


Unbelievable, right?

Well, this famous R&B singer was born in Austin, TX 32 years ago.

She rose to popularity in 2004 when she released her first single dubbed Goodies and her recognition increased further two years later when She released a hit called Promise.

Ciara has won many awards in her career, and she even has a Grammy in her name.  Before fame, she was a military brat who traveled in different countries all over the world.

Her single 1, 2 Step sold over 7 million albums. Get Up which she sang alongside Chamillionaire ranked 7th on the U.S. Billboard 200.


Stone Cold Steve

You might know the tough and trash-talking Stone Cold Steve as a success in WCW and ECW wrestling, but what you do not know is that he was born in Austin, TX. He is regarded as one of the most profitable wrestler in the history of WWE.

Before he rose to fame, Stone Cold won a scholarship to play football for the University of Texas. Apart from being a favorite for many WWE fans, he has featured in several movies including playing as Tommy Cavanaugh in Grown Ups 2.


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