Famous People from Houston, TX

Houston, TX is doubtlessly the home of celebrities. It’s also home to a few notable places like the Museum of Fine Arts.

Hundreds of famous people were born and bred here, and they today carry the flag of the United States in every corner of the world. They range from actors, athletes, award-winning singers, and producers. Some of the best talents from Houston include among them;

Jennifer Garner

Jenifer Garner is television and film actress who was born in Houston TX. She has featured in several films including pearl Harbour, 13 Going on 30, and Dallas Buyer’s Club. What makes here unique from other celebrities who leave their hometowns never to return is that you will find her stepping out of a Limousine in downtown Houston in several occasions.

Barbara Mandrell

She is an award-winning country musicians who has played a notable role in the entertainment industry. Before Taylor Swift joined the industry, Barbara Mandrell was the only country musician who ever won the prestigious Entertainer of the Year having won it twice. She has been accepted in her home county, and her music is played all over Texas.

Jaclyn Smith

Third on our list of famous people from Houston is Jaclyn Smith, a renowned entrepreneur and actress who has played distinctive roles in movies that she has featured. One of the roles that gave her a breakthrough when she played Kelly Garret in a television series dubbed Charlie’s Angles.

Her exceptional performance in films, and as an entrepreneur who is admired by many makes her one of the famous people Houston should be proud of.

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze is another celebrity who was born in Houston, TX. He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. He featured in films such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing, and Road House in which he performed exceptionally well. Having contributed greatly in the entertainment industry, Patrick is a person whose star will shine forever in this great city.


Matt Stone

Matt Stone is talented in different areas which have made him famous in every part of the world. He is a TV director, screenwriter, animator, producer, and TV director. His role in South Park Co-creation is one of the things that have made him the star we know today. If you think that Matt has forgotten his home city, you are wrong! You will find him partying with friends very often in various entertainment joints within Houston.

Kenny Rodgers

He is a notable country singer whose music is played all over the globe. He was a member of Houston’s Country Music Hall of fame. One of his songs, The Gambler, has won tremendous awards over the years including a Grammy.

There are a host of other celebrities that come from Houston including Hilary Duff, Riff Raff, Robert Earl Keen, Howard Hughes, Michael Dell, Shelly Duvall, and many more. These are some of the people who have put Houston on the map, and they need to be celebrated.


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