Famous People from Riverside, CA

Did you know that some of your favorite celebrities were born in Riverside, CA? Let us have a look at some of them;

Ashely Nichole

Did you know that the founder of the famous YouTube channel, “xoMissAshleyNichle” was born in Riverside, CA? If you didn’t, now you do.

This 25-year old star has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the best beauty, lifestyle, and fashion vlogger of all time.

Despite the fact that she is a star who might not appeal to all generations, she is a modern celebrity that the city of Riverside should be proud of in which there’s a place called Riverside – Hilbert Museum that people can visit too.


Trish Paytas                   

You might remember Trish Paytas from the 2017 celebrity Big Brother. She is a model and actress, who is known for her YouTube channel dubbed “blndsundoll4mj” which has attracted over 4.1 million subscribers from across the globe.

Before she became famous, she worked as a lingerie model and dancer. Astonishingly, she was once voted the fastest talker in the world, having spoken 710 words in less than one minute. The most important thing to note is that she was born in Riverside, CA, and this is the town where she spent her entire childhood with her family.

Amy Lee

Yes, this celebrated Rock Singer, pianist, and songwriter was born and bred in Riverside, CA the place where Riverside – Fox Performing Art Centre is located.

She is part of the popular American band known as Evanescence which is known for hits such as “Bring me to Life.”

She began her career in song writing when she was 11 years old. After high school, she got an opportunity to study music theory at the prestigious Middle Tennessee University, but she later dropped out to focus on her band and career in music.


Sean Ryan Fox

Better known for his role as ‘Jasper’ in the popular comedy show “Henry Danger” on Nickelodeon, Sean Ryan Fox is a 16-year old actor from Riverside that everyone should be proud of.

He has also featured in two episodes of “Kickin’ it” and made an appearance in Nickelodeon’s “Ho Ho Holiday Special” in 2015.

Barry Bonds

This 14-time MLB All-Star who was born in Riverside, CA. he played for the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh baseball teams. In his career, he has set various records that are yet to be broken.

An interesting thing to note is that Barry Bonds has a degree in criminology from the Arizona State University.

Although it is alleged that he used anabolic steroids during his career; thus all his records could be illegitimate, he is a Riverside legend who should be celebrated.

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