Fantastic Landscape Designs That You Should Definitely Consider

The landscape is the most important aspect of any property. The landscape design not only enhances the beauty but also conveys how you want your property to be perceived. When considering a new landscaping project for your home or business, it’s important that you take into consideration some key points in order to get the best possible result and avoid costly mistakes.

Here are some fantastic landscape designs that you should definitely consider.

Formal Landscape Design

This design is characterized by geometric shapes and symmetry, straight lines, the use of evergreen hedges (to maintain uniformity throughout the year), and maintenance-intensive flowers that will create beautiful blooms all season long.  Planting formal hedges is an expensive undertaking, so this design may not be ideal for everyone.

Formal landscape design with symmetric garden beds and a newly built fence. The formal design is not the most popular these days, as it requires a lot of maintenance and can appear rigid.

Cottage Landscape Design

This design is a form of landscape design with a casual and relaxed appearance that features meandering pathways, curved lines, mounded flowerbeds, and informal plantings that will give your property a more natural appearance. If the size, cost, or level of maintenance are not an issue, this is the ideal landscape design for you.

The beauty of the cottage garden lies in its subtlety and sense of enclosure – when combined with rustic or antiquated plantings, it can give a historic look to your property.

Naturalistic Landscape Design

Designed to imitate a natural setting, this landscape design depicts native plant species as found in the specific region. This is a very low-maintenance landscape design because native plants require little extra watering and less pruning.

The result is a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape that will enhance the beauty of your property. It is a popular landscape design in Sydney. Generally speaking, it’s the least expensive type of landscaping that will also provide a calming effect on your property.

Landscape Design for Insects

If you want to attract birds and butterflies to your garden, then this type of landscape design with flowering trees and shear hedges will work perfectly for you.

The main idea is to provide a habitat and food sources in order to increase biodiversity and encourage insects and birds to your property instead of the local park or forest, which we must admit can be fairly boring when it comes to planting diversity.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

This design conveys an image of warmth and sunshine and features low-growing but drought-resistant plants, concrete walkways, and patios that tout a unique charm. If you want to create an outdoor living space that’s inviting and relaxing, then the Mediterranean landscape design is right for your property.

English Landscape Design

This design will remind you of your favorite English novel or BBC show featuring walls of stone, pathways with pavers or grass, hedges, flower plantings, benches for quiet reflection, ponds, and logs to create the effect of nature on your property. This is another type of landscape design that’s suitable for homeowners who have a lot of time and patience to tend to their landscaping needs.

Modern Landscape Design

The modern landscape design is more relaxed than the formal landscape designs because it uses native plants that are at home in your climate zone. This type of design allows for flexibility with no straight lines or symmetrical patterns, creating a sense of openness that’s easy to maintain.

This design conveys a contemporary style that’s sleek, smooth, and modern. Paving, stacked stones, rocks, and other hardscape materials are used in the landscape design to give it its striking appearance. This type of landscaping is perfect for people who like their outdoor living space to be both practical and attractive.

French Country Landscape Design

This design is characterized by the use of curved lines, arbors, white-painted picket fences, and an abundance of multicolored flowers that will add striking beauty to your property all year long. This is the ideal landscape design choice for homeowners who prefer a casual and informal look to their landscaping.

Backyard Landscape Design

If you have a backyard that could benefit from some landscaping, then it’s time to consider what type of design will best suit your property. A landscape design for the backyard should not only enhance the beauty but also convey how you want your property to be perceived.

Beautiful landscape designs can be created using different types of landscapes to suit your specific needs. As you can see, there are several options available to help you pick out the type of landscape design that will best meet your needs.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different landscape designs you should consider, think about how they could improve your property. Imagine the possibilities, and get started!

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