The First Original McDonald’s Museum, located in San Bernardino, California, was founded by Jim Delligatti, the man who created the Big Mac sandwich. It features items from the original restaurant that opened in 1948 and displays how it has evolved over time. The museum also includes a replica of his office where he developed many of the company’s products.


This is not actually the first museum dedicated to McDonald’s. The fast-food chain opened its own museum in Illinois back in 2007, but this one is independently owned and operated by Delligatti’s family. It showcases how the restaurant evolved over time, with original items from 1948 that are still used today like fryers and grills.

The Big Mac was invented at this location while Jim Delligatti worked as a franchise owner of several McDonald’s restaurants. His office has been replicated just as it would have appeared when he came up with his most famous idea there decades ago. Visitors can see everything from vintage uniforms to newspaper clippings on company history inside seven themed galleries that also include a children’s area where kids will be able to explore an old-fashioned McDonald’s playland.

Many of the restaurant’s well-known figures have visited, including Ray Kroc and Ronald MacDonald. The museum features their signatures on a wall along with other notable visitors who signed framed pictures that are displayed throughout for all to see. This includes Elvis Presley, Walt Disney, President Gerald Ford, Michael Jackson, George H . W Bush, and many more famous people whose autographs adorn part of three large walls in Jim Delligatti’s office replica at the site where it all began decades ago in 1948 when he opened his first McDonald’s franchise location which is now home to an original Big Mac creator exhibit.

Today, there are more than 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 120 countries around the world.

Things to do

There are many interesting things to see at the museum, including:

Vintage Uniforms and Grills: Here you will find the original uniforms of the first McDonald’s employees, along with vintage grills and other items used in the restaurant.

Exhibit on Original Big Mac: This exhibit is all about how Delligatti came up with his famous idea for a sandwich that quickly became an iconic American favorite – The Big Mac. You’ll get to see several early sketches he made of it as well as some newspaper clippings.

Play Area for Kids: Little kids (and big ones too) can explore an old-fashioned playland featuring slides, crawling areas, and more while parents relax nearby. This area includes fun activities like coloring book stations where you can make your own free keepsake printout after completing it!

Culinary Corner: You can learn more about the history of McDonald’s and some fun facts by visiting this area.

In addition, there are historical photos from past decades on display throughout the museum along with video screens that play documentaries narrated by popular celebrities who have been involved with McDonald’s.

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