The Many Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

concrete floorConcrete flooring offers many benefits including durability, elegance, energy savings, low maintenance, and water resistance. Here is a brief explanation of the advantages of installing this type of flooring in your residential or commercial building with the help of a competent concrete contractor.

Guaranteed Durability

Acid-stained concrete floors provide strong resistance to wear. Due to their high compressive strength which is greater than 4,000 psi, they do not flake, buckle, or warp. When they are installed correctly, these floors do not fade, peel or get discolored. This means that heavy human traffic, children, or pets cannot damage this kind of floor. Hence, you may never need to carry out a repair or replacement if your floor is professionally installed. The lifespan of this type of floor exceeds those of other floor coverings like hardwood, tiles, or carpeting.

Beauty and Elegance

With professional design and installation, it is possible to turn floors made of concrete into elegant masterpieces. Concrete is receptive to acid stains. Thus, it is easy to produce floors that look like very expensive materials including marble, travertine, granite, and flagstone. A simple single-color acid stain can produce a unique blend of texture and tone that will fit perfectly into various interior designs. In fact, many natural stone floors can be re-produced with acid coloring coupled with concrete stenciling and sawing techniques.

Energy Savings

Concrete has a unique property known as thermal mass. This means that it has a large capacity to take in, store, and gradually release either heat or cold. Hence, concrete’s thermal mass helps to regulate indoor temperature, thereby decreasing the load on air conditioning, heating and ventilating equipment. However, the energy savings from concrete only comes when it is exposed. Covering it with tiles, carpeting or hardwood usually reflects and dissipates both cool and warm air. But concrete’s thermal mass provides energy savings of between 15 to 25 percent annually. To enhance the energy savings, we help our clients to install radiant heating. Radiant heating emits heat to people, furniture, and other objects in a room without elevating room temperature.

Low Maintenance

In addition to the energy savings, floors made out of concrete need minimal maintenance to preserve their beauty and elegance. Unlike carpets that need frequent cleaning, tiles that require regular cleaning of grout lines, and hardwood floors that need regular waxing, concrete only requires sweeping and mopping. Buffing and polishing may be required in high traffic areas but this can be done quickly. Additionally, concrete allows you to simply wipe off any liquid when it spills and it does not produce stains or odors.

Water Resistance

Acid-stained concrete is not adversely affected by water. This is in contrast to other floor coverings like carpeting that grows mold, tiles that de-laminate, and wood that decays. When acid-stained floors or decorative concrete overlays are professionally installed, they can easily withstand the effects of high humidity, water spills, and flooding. That is why they are the best option for basement floors. They will withstand the excess dampness found in many basements and the flooding that occurs due to very severe rainstorms.

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