Fun Things to do at Lakes Regional Park, Fort Myers FL 33908

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Lakes Regional Park is a beautiful place in Fort Myers FL 33908 for families and friends to spend their day together. There are many things to do there, including:


If you love fishing, you can fish off the pier and catch plenty of fish. This is a great activity for those who want to relax and listen to the water.


With over 300 picnic tables, this is an ideal place for you bring your family or friends together to eat lunch or dinner outdoors. You can also pack your own food if you prefer cooking at home before heading out. Picnics are great for those who want to spend time with others and enjoy a beautiful view.

Lake Swimming

You can swim in the lake! This is an exciting activity, especially if you love water sports. However, be aware that there are rules: Children under 12 must wear life vests; no jumping or diving into the water; and stay away from boat docks and marina piers (it’s too dangerous). There is also a designated area for children ages three to twelve years old so they do not get hurt by bigger swimmers. Although this may seem like it isn’t safe, rest assured that professionals supervise everyone carefully so you will remain safe throughout your day at Lakes Regional Park .

Trail Hiking

If you enjoy a day of outdoor hiking, Lakes Regional Park has many trails. These trails are over five miles long and go through natural landscapes so if you’re looking for a break from the city this is definitely it! All trails have at least one map location to help guide hikers in case they get lost. Although these paths can be challenging, families will find them fun as there are wooden bridges to cross and plenty of shade trees along the way.


While fishing, you might see some people on boats that come into the island from a nearby marina. There are things to do at Lakes Regional Park for those who want to enjoy boating as well! You can rent paddle boards or kayaks if it’s your first time on the water. However, be aware that there are rules for this activity as well: no standing up paddle boarding (you could fall); children under 16 must wear life vests; and kayaks should not exceed 15 feet in length or 35 pounds in weight. All boating activities require a permit which you can get online , at the marina office, or at Lakes Regional Park .

Sports Fields

Lakes Regional Park has many sports fields to choose from if you enjoy outdoor games like tennis, soccer, softball, etc. These fields have everything needed to play including benches with shade trees nearby so parents can watch their kids while enjoying some fresh air too! Just remember that each field requires an advanced reservation before using so plan accordingly.

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