Connors Park

Looking for something fun to do with the kids in San Marcos? Connors Park is a great place to visit! This park has a playground, a basketball court, and plenty of green space for picnics. The kids will have a blast playing on the playground, and you can shoot some hoops or relax on the grass while they play. Be sure to check out Connors Park when you’re looking for something fun to do in San Marcos, CA!


There are many different types of playgrounds these days and Connors Park has one that will interest just about every child. It has a typical set of metal monkey bars, two slides, and a few other obstacles but also boasts a unique pirate ship-themed play structure with three decks, two masts, and a crow’s nest.


There is an excellent basketball court at Connors Park that has recently been resurfaced. It is a regulation-size half-court that is perfect for getting in a quick game of HORSE with the kids or for playing a more serious full game.


Since there is plenty of green space, Connors Park is also a great place to have a picnic. Bring along some food and drinks, find a spot on the grass, and enjoy spending time with your family outdoors. There are also several covered picnic areas if you need a little shade.

Hide and Seek

One of the best things about Connors Park is that it is perfect for playing hide and seek. There are plenty of trees, bushes, and other hiding spots, so the kids will have a great time finding places to hide. And you can always join in on the fun too!

Boat Riding

Connors Park is also a great place to go boating. There is a small pond in the park where you can rent boats by the hour. The boats come in different shapes and sizes, so everyone can find one that they will enjoy. You can even bring your own boat if you have one!


There are also several walking trails at Connors Park that are perfect for exploring with the kids. These trails wind through the park and offer a great way to see some of the different features of the park. And they are also a great way to get some exercise!

Connor’s Park is a great place to visit for some fun family activities. The playground, basketball court, and picnic areas are perfect for kids of all ages, and the walking trails offer a nice way to explore the park. Be sure to check out Connors Park when you’re looking for something fun to do in San Marcos!

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