Hidden Gems in New Orleans to Check Out On Weekends

For a fact, New Orleans is a city full of world-class attractions. Regardless of what you love doing, this city has got you covered.

This city receives over 11 million visitors every year. When you do some quick calculations, it means that more than 900,000 people come here every month.

This number tells us one thing – there is always a considerable amount of traffic in all destinations across New Orleans every day. Weekends get the most traffic because this is the time when most locals and visitors from surrounding areas are not at work.

In fact, hotels, restaurants, and other eateries often increase their food prices during weekends. Therefore, most people will tell you to avoid the city on these days if you can.

But since you are looking for a weekend getaway in this city it is nearly impossible to avoid it. To help you make the best out of this amazing place, below are some hidden gems you should uncover;

The Singing Oak

Also known as the Chime Tree, the singing oak is a large oak tree hidden on plain sight in City Park. What makes this tree exciting is the fact that it is stung with several wind chimes which ring a pentatonic scale by Jim Hart, a renowned artist from Louisiana.

Escape from the hustles of the city and sit under this tree as you enjoy relaxing music that will warm your heart and soothe your soul on a hot day.

Nicolas Cage Pyramid Tomb

This intriguing site is located at St. Louis Cemetery No.1, which is the oldest cemetery in the city.  It is a nine-foot tall stone pyramid with the Latin phrase “Omni Ab Uno” which means “Everything from one.” This is the place where Nicolas Cage will be buried when he dies. If you are a fan of this film star, this is an exciting place you cannot afford to ignore.

Bacchanal Courtyard

From the outside, you can perceive it as a typical store. What most visitors don’t know is that this is a place filled with fun, and it is one that doesn’t experience massive traffic like other joints within the city.

Bacchanal Courtyard is the ideal place to enjoy a drink with your friends, listen to Jazz music, and eat your favorite meal.

Prytania Theatre

In case you want to relax for a few hours, then one of the hidden gems you need to look for is the Pytania Theatre. It is a single-screen neighborhood theatre which have been in existence for over 100 years. Here, you can catch a movie and have fun to the maximum with your better half or with a couple of friends.

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