How Is Drone Technology Important For Real Estate Business

The real estate market derives most of its revenue from proper marketing, listing, and sales on sites. A better understanding of the market and its potential growth requires a comprehension of the challenges the market faces. One attempt to enhance sales, make the market a more profitable option for new investors, and seek reliable ways to boost marketing is by simply implementing new technology and finding a place for it. The rise of drones in recent years has become a promising and lucrative opportunity for many, as the many benefits are obvious to the trained eye. The real estate market, not differing from all the other branches of the economy, has been using the technology to its advantage, which essentially leaves the question, how are drones relevant to the sales of real estate? 

Reducing costs 

One money-draining practice of the real estate market is the hiring of helicopters and airplanes for producing high-quality air pictures of the property. Such pictures are essentially in the selling of potential real estate, however, with the prices of fuel constantly going up in recent years, the expenses of the pilots have become less bearable for agents. The costs of taking pictures via helicopter or airplane could soon cut deep into the commission of agents and therefore a more affordable option has been looked after. 

Drones are getting on the scene for exactly that reason, as they are cheaper, more reliable, and have a far better angle than the conventional helicopters or small airplanes rented by agents. Drones only ask for a recharge and a competent pilot to navigate them. The rest is easy enough and can provide high-quality air pictures at a lower price. Though it seems redundant, such costs have skyrocketed over years and have become a serious issue, therefore the new and affordable option has taken the market by storm. 

Better mapping and 3D models 

As the drone market is becoming “ the next great thing”, real estate agents are simply looking to make a profit from the rising star and use its many advantages for their humble needs. 

For instance, marketing real estate has proven to be one of the most challenging attempts as opposed to other forms of business. The accent on real estate has always been the physical appearance of the property, its potential, and the special touch of a well-trained agent who knows what to say and when to say it to a particular buyer. This “ real” experience has been compromised by the rise of online marketing, and nowadays most entries are made in a search engine before hitting the number of any agent. This required new ways to make the properties more appealing to potential buyers, more “ real” and give them a better and unique look at what the real estate has to offer, all this while they are comfortable sitting at home while scrolling through the many listings and offers available. And that is why drones have become so popular, as they are perfectly designed for inspection and surveying, meaning they can give high-quality photos and videos and offer the buyers a better look at the property. With the many shots and different angles the drone can approach, the final result provides an extraordinary visual tour of the real estate. You are aware of the option of 360-degree angles, which allows you to take the position of the observer and look around with the click of your mouse. Now imagine a virtual and visual tour with the option, with pictures following. Unique details and a soundtrack of an agent giving you a recorded tour of the estate as well, make it an almost realistic experience. You’ll know exactly how it looks without having to look at it.

There is mapping as well, you’ll have excellent shots of the whole property, the neighborhood, its surroundings, and a 3D model of the real estate. Similar to Google maps, with the option of zooming in if needed, drones allow for such a compelling presentation. 

This option has not been possible before drone technology as traditional approaches greatly limited the proper viewing of the whole property, and sites only covered a few photographs and an air picture. Now, you can have video materials, audio, and high-quality pictures, you can create virtual 3D tours and offer the buyers every little detail of their home. This approach is more than needed in a world where online marketing has become more effective than almost all the other known strategies, as even TV commercials are slowly dying out and making room for YouTube ads. 

Sending a message to your buyers

A simple advantage of drones is the message you send to potential buyers. They’ll see you are in check with the rising demands and new trends. You’ll cut the competition, and you can offer your buyers a better look at some details of interest to them. For example, videos of surrounding streets, or maybe a better and more precise look at the garden. Your visual presentation will completely leave them astonished with the high-quality pictures, the unique videos, and the attention to small details. 

As opposed to traditional selling, the online real estate market requires a lot of information provided to interested buyers and investors; the more, the better. Therefore, we highly recommend looking into the many options drones are providing. 


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