Improving Concrete Durability

The durability of the concrete would always depend on the quality of its ingredient and how it was mixed. Cement mix, water, and aggregates are the common ingredients in creating a concrete. A good amount of all these can produce a high-quality concrete. However, there are also other ingredients that can improve the overall durability of a concrete. Chemical admixtures are known to improve concrete quality and manageability. Admixtures have properties that accelerate or slow down setting time of the concrete. Most concretes, especially those that are used in the construction of commercial buildings, are created with the use of admixtures.


There are many kinds of admixtures being sold at the market today. There are those that are used for air entraining, water-reduction, and plasticizers. All of which improve the quality of the concrete once mixed with its solution. However, you should still carefully choose which admixture would be compatible with your current cement mix. There are admixtures that can create a negative chemical reaction when used with certain cement mixes. It would be best if you ask the experts first before you create a solution of your own. Do not directly buy admixtures at a local store without asking for instructions on how to use them.


Use chemical admixtures to improve concrete performance

Admixtures can be used to delay the chemical reaction that takes place when the concrete starts the setting process. These admixtures are used in concrete pavement construction which allows more time for finishing ​concrete pavements. Sometimes admixtures are used to improve concrete’s resistance to severe frost action or freeze/thaw cycles. Such admixtures also provide high resistance to cycles of wetting and drying. Read the entire article at


The use of durable concrete is a must, especially for basketball poles and mail box posts. The foundational structure of these posts must only be created from high-quality cements. The entire structure may fail or get damaged after some time if the wrong cement and admixtures were utilized. The measurements of the basketball pole or mail box post should be accurate in order to create the right amount of concrete of it.


Setting Basketball Poles and Mail Box Posts

Putting up the basketball pole is basically done the same way except the hole will need to be bigger and deeper. Getting a pole that tall straight will likely require a second set of hands. A general rule of thumb is that 1/4 of the poles length should be in the ground and that the hole should be 3 times as wide as the pole. You can shorten the depth if you increase the width. How much concrete you will need depends to some extend on who will be using it. If the kids are casual players and not too aggressive the general rule of thumb above will work. If you anticipate that a teenager will attempt an NBA dunk you will need to make sure it is anchored. You can read the entire article at its main source.


Before the concrete has hardened, you need to make sure that there is no air trapped inside. It can reduce the durability of the cemented structure. Cracks can also be noticed on the surface of the concrete after being subjected to extreme pressure. Adding the right admixture to the cement mix can definitely improve its overall quality.

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