What Are Inverter Generators Typically Used For? Find Out Here

Inverter generators are typically used for a wide range of purposes. In this blog post, you will learn about typical uses for inverter generators and what can be used to power. If you have been considering purchasing an inverter generator, you may get an idea about all the things you can use it for!


Powering Outages

Power outages are something everyone has to wrestle with multiple times per year. That’s why, according to the folks behind  Generator Sage, an inverter generator is one of the most vital pieces of equipment that homeowners and contractors can ever invest in. These outages often slow you down and interfere with your typical day-to-day activities, and it’s important to be prepared for them in case they strike during a busy time.

It isn’t always possible to predict when they will happen, but knowing how inverter generators can power outages is extremely beneficial if one ever strikes while you need electricity the most. This alternative energy solution makes power outages feel far more bearable than just running on backup batteries.

Backups During Storms  

Turning off a power grid during storms is a hard decision, but these generators make it less so because they present the perfect alternative to typical backup generators. They are quiet, clean and provide a constant source of electricity to those who need it most. Inverter generators typically have multiple outlets for different appliances, as well as an AC outlet that is used primarily for powering air conditioners.


Inverters can also offer high wattage output, so you don’t have to worry about being able to power up all your appliances at once if they require a lot of energy during an outage. If you live in a storm-prone area or experience frequent blackouts, this could potentially save lives by preventing injury from electrically-powered equipment.

Outdoor Activities

Inverters are perfect to bring along on outdoor activities because they are typically lightweight and quiet. Many inverters can be hooked up to a car battery or directly into the generator, so anything that runs on electricity is fair game. However, note that you must never overload an inverter, as it will shut down automatically if there’s too much demand for power from your equipment.

Here are the outdoor activities you’d want an inverter generator by your side:

  • camping trips
  • tailgating
  • concerts and other events in the park
  • boating trips on a lake or river, including
  • fishing trips and
  • fishing tournaments and competitions
  • hunting trips

Inverters are not typically used to run heavy machinery like compressors. You’ll want professional generators if that’s your need (and they’re big and loud).

Construction Sites

Lots of construction sites use inverter generators as a way to provide power after the typical construction hours, especially when it comes to concrete repair. Inverter generators are more energy-efficient than standard models, so they can help save some money on electric bills and time spent running extension cords from other buildings or streetlamps.

Inverter technology allows the generators to run at lower RPMs with less noise output. This is great for construction sites where equipment has to be used all day long without interruption.

Inverter generators are useful items that can come in handy in a lot of situations. When you’re at home dealing with a power outage, you’ll have the perfect solution, just as when you voluntarily turn off your power because of a storm. All outdoor activities can be enhanced thanks to these generators, and construction sites benefit from them too. Buying one is money well spent!

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