There are many aspects that go into determining if a neighborhood is “family-friendly.” The schools, the proximity to public transportation, and safety are just a few factors. In this article, we will explore how Arlanza rates in those categories.


This is one of the safest areas in Riverside, CA and is a great place to raise children. The crime rate is very low, with only one violent crime every four years on average! Additionally, the neighborhood has many amenities such as parks and shopping areas that keep residents close to home which also deters would-be criminals from lurking about.


The school district boundaries are set by the Riverside City School District. Some of the best public schools in California are located within this district, which makes Arlanza a great place to live for people who value education and school choices.

Proximity to Public Transportation

Public transportation is not as accessible from Arlanza as it might be from other areas, but residents can still access it via bus or metro rail. The closest stop is about three miles away with multiple busses running throughout the day and nighttime hours making transit convenient and easy if you need to get around town quickly!


This area is among the most affordable in Riverside, with median home values at $240k. The affordability allows people to live here who may not be able to afford other areas of town that are more expensive or only offer homes above a million dollars. Also, the schools and safety in Arlanza mean that you get a lot of houses for your money.

On average, homes here are slightly smaller than other areas in Riverside which also helps keep prices down while still offering residents amenities such as pools and playgrounds! While it may not be immediately apparent to someone visiting this area, there is so much more going on within its borders that makes this town great for families who want convenience at an affordable price point.

Parks and Recreation

Residents of Arlanza have a few nearby parks they can visit to take advantage of the recreational opportunities. If you prefer exercising outdoors, there is also a public gym just outside the neighborhood that offers free use for those who live nearby!

Lifestyle Fit: High/ Moderate-High (depending on the family situation)

Arlanza offers many amenities that make life more comfortable such as close proximity to parks and shopping centers. It is a great place to raise children with its low crime rate and fantastic schools. Although residents might need to rely on public transportation, the neighborhood offers many features that make it convenient for those who want all of their needs met without having to travel far from home!

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