Is Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California a good place to live with kids? It may be! Let’s explore the question.

Lots of Amenities

There are many things to do with kids on Piedmont Avenue. The street is lined with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, and attractions that are perfect for family outings. There are several parks where you can play sports or go hiking as well as plenty of shopping opportunities at the Oakland Public Market and City Center.

Crime Rate Low in this Neighborhood

The neighborhood has a very low crime rate which means your children will be safe when they’re playing outside alone or just running errands with you. It’s also easy to find parking so if you drive around town often it won’t take forever even though there are lots to see!

Schools Nearby Make This Place Great For Families

If you have school-aged children then their education should definitely be one of the most important factors when choosing where to live. Luckily, there are several schools nearby in case you don’t want your kids walking alone at night or riding their bikes too far away.

The neighborhood is Growing Fast!

Piedmont Avenue seems like it’s growing fast so if you aren’t sure whether you’ll be able to afford living here later on keep an eye out for new construction popping up all over the place because prices could go higher than they already are before too long! There might also be more amenities opening soon which would make this neighborhood even better for families with young children to move into.

Lots of Parks and Restaurants Perfect for Families

Piedmont Avenue is a great place to live if you have kids. There are lots of parks and restaurants where you can take them as well as many places nearby that might be good for birthday parties or other special occasions! The neighborhood also has a low crime rate so your children will stay safe when they’re out playing with their friends after school. Don’t wait too long to make the move because prices may go up soon since there’s been such rapid development recently in this part of town!

Good Place To Live With Kids? Let’s Summarize!

So, is Piedmont Avenue a good place to live with kids? It may be! There are many amenities nearby and it has a low crime rate which means everyone will stay safe when they’re out playing after school. The schools nearby also make it great for younger children who have to walk or bike a long way home if their school is far away. There’s also been a lot of development lately which means there might be even more amenities opening soon and while the growth has made housing expensive it may make this neighborhood better for families to live in than ever before!

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